83R5524 LB-D
  By: Crownover H.R. No. 268
         WHEREAS, The March of Dimes Foundation is celebrating its
  75th anniversary during 2013; and
         WHEREAS, Established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in
  1938, the original purpose of the March of Dimes was to fight polio,
  and it helped fund the development of two vaccines in the 1950s to
  safeguard individuals against the disease; following those
  successes, the organization shifted its focus to the prevention of
  birth defects in 1958; and
         WHEREAS, In the decades since, the March of Dimes has been a
  pioneer in the field, making groundbreaking advances in maternal
  and child health; the group's research has led to the discovery of
  lifesaving products and techniques such as surfactant therapy for
  premature infants and tests to identify birth defects; and
         WHEREAS, A longtime advocate for improved access to health
  care for women, children, and families, the March of Dimes has
  collaborated with elected officials in national and state
  government to realize progress in this area; in 2003, the group
  authored the Prematurity Research Expansion and Education for
  Mothers Who Deliver Infants Early (PREEMIE) Act, which became law
  in 2006; two years later, Congress passed the Newborn Screening
  Saves Lives Act, and the March of Dimes worked to ensure that every
  state in the nation implemented the screening procedures detailed
  in the legislation; and
         WHEREAS, The March of Dimes sponsors numerous programs in
  Texas to support healthy pregnancies and infants; focusing on
  community engagement and information sharing, these worthy
  endeavors range from providing assistance to families with newborn
  children in intensive care units to funding scholarships for
  individuals pursuing careers in perinatal health care; and
         WHEREAS, For three quarters of a century, the March of Dimes
  and its dedicated volunteers have carried out important efforts to
  improve the health of individuals throughout the United States, and
  this admirable organization is sure to remain a positive force in
  the years ahead; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby honor the March of Dimes Foundation on its 75th
  anniversary and extend to the Texas chapter of the organization
  sincere best wishes for continued success.