83R5629 BK-D
  By: Oliveira H.R. No. 249
         WHEREAS, Rio Grande Valley Higher Education Day is taking
  place at the State Capitol on January 30, 2013, and this worthwhile
  event highlights the important contributions made by The University
  of Texas-Pan American, The University of Texas at Brownsville, and
  the Regional Academic Health Center in Harlingen operated by The
  University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; and
         WHEREAS, Located in Edinburg, The University of Texas-Pan
  American has an enrollment of more than 19,000 students; in recent
  years, UTPA has ranked second in the nation in the number of
  bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanic students and third in the
  number of master's degrees; in addition, it has been rated by
  Excelencia in Education as one of the top 25 U.S. universities
  graduating Latinos in the fields of engineering, mathematics and
  statistics, biological and biomedical sciences, and the physical
  sciences; along with its numerous other accomplishments, the
  university has built a notable record of achievement in readying
  students for legal studies through its Law School Preparation
  Institute; and
         WHEREAS, The University of Texas at Brownsville, which serves
  over 13,000 students, offers a broad range of educational
  opportunities and has placed among the top 30 colleges in the nation
  in graduating Hispanic undergraduates; in carrying out its mission,
  UTB gives special emphasis to service learning and collaboration
  with leaders in such fields as educational development,
  biomedicine, and astronomy; it is unique among universities in the
  UT System in offering 17 fully online programs, and the quality of
  its online offerings has received national acclaim from U.S. News &
  World Report; UTB is also making a point of reaching out to younger
  learners with its innovative Brownsville Early College High School
  program; and
         WHEREAS, The Regional Academic Health Center in Harlingen is
  a satellite campus of The University of Texas Health Science Center
  at San Antonio; it provides third-year and fourth-year medical
  students with a chance to gain valuable clinical experience as they
  complete their studies; moreover, the center recently added a basic
  research campus and a clinical research facility that will study
  diabetes and other diseases that disproportionally affect
  residents of the South Texas border area; and
         WHEREAS, Indispensable educational resources, these
  respected institutions have helped countless Texans to prepare
  themselves for future success, and they bring myriad benefits to
  the wider community; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize January 30, 2013, as Rio Grande Valley
  Higher Education Day at the State Capitol and extend to the visiting
  delegation sincere best wishes for a memorable trip to Austin.