83R1653 STE-D
  By: Price H.R. No. 225
         WHEREAS, The city of Amarillo lost a respected businessman,
  notable benefactor, and admired native son with the death of Bill
  Ware on March 22, 2012, at the age of 63; and
         WHEREAS, Born into a prominent local banking family, Mr. Ware
  distinguished himself from an early age through his commitment to
  excellence; he was a star tennis player at Amarillo High School and
  achieved a number two state ranking in doubles; named Player of the
  Year for 1966 by the Panhandle Sports Hall of Fame, he won an
  athletic scholarship to Southern Methodist University, where he
  completed his bachelor's degree in 1971; and
         WHEREAS, This dynamic Texan worked briefly in Dallas before
  joining his brother, Richard, as a member of the fourth generation
  of the Ware family to lead the Amarillo National Bank; with
  characteristic vision, Mr. Ware helped establish the first branch
  bank in Texas in 1987, and he was also instrumental in designing
  what was one of the largest drive-up banking plazas in the country
  at that time; he imbued marketing campaigns with his own wry humor,
  creating a memorable series of TV commercials that featured an
  out-of-town banker who habitually mispronounced the word
  "Amarillo"; in 1999, Texas Monthly magazine named him along with
  his brother and his father as the "Texas Bankers of the Century";
         WHEREAS, A proud champion of his hometown, Mr. Ware
  generously supported local charities and beautification efforts,
  and he tirelessly promoted Amarillo as an attractive place to live
  and work; he lobbied for commercial billboard restrictions and
  provided the design and substantial funding for signs that welcome
  visitors arriving on Interstate 40; moreover, he played a key role
  in the construction of the Amarillo National Tennis Center, and he
  was an active booster of the minor league baseball team; Mr. Ware
  served on the board of directors of numerous civic groups and
  business organizations and was a trustee of the Ware Foundation,
  which benefits youth sports and health care initiatives; his civic
  involvement also extended to politics, and he frequently campaigned
  for local office seekers by exhorting passersby through a bullhorn
  while driving a truck painted to resemble the Texas flag; and
         WHEREAS, Bill Ware was known for his warmth and lack of
  pretension as well as for his accomplishments, and he inspired
  others through his sincere appreciation for the joys of each day;
  although he will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate enough
  to know him, they will long remember his love for a community that
  will continue to reflect his contributions in the years to come;
  now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby pay tribute to the life of Bill Ware and extend
  deepest sympathy to the members of his family: to his wife, Paige;
  to his children, B. D. Ware, Lizzie Mason and her husband, Brian,
  Savannah Singleton and her husband, Brian, and Tol Ware and his
  wife, Sloane; to his father, Tol; to his brother, Richard; and to
  his seven grandchildren, other relatives, and many friends; and, be
  it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for his family and that when the Texas House of
  Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of Bill Ware.