83R1683 STE-D
  By: Price H.R. No. 218
         WHEREAS, Each year, Texans join in celebrating the Fourth of
  July in honor of the day America's founding fathers adopted one of
  the landmark documents of modern history, the Declaration of
  Independence; and
         WHEREAS, Independence Day gatherings are a beloved American
  tradition, one that brings together citizens of many different
  backgrounds and that fosters a welcome sense of community; at such
  times, the Stars and Stripes waves proudly as individuals across
  the country pause to reflect on the ideals that undergird the great
  American experiment, a government of the people, by the people, and
  for the people; and
         WHEREAS, The dream envisioned by this nation's founders has
  not been secured without tremendous cost; from the colonial
  militias who skirmished with muskets to the brave men and women who
  serve today in the world's most sophisticated fighting force, the
  sacrifices of our troops have been extraordinary; we can never
  fully repay the debt owed to our military personnel for the service
  they have rendered and the burdens they have borne, nor can we
  entirely compensate their families for the deprivations they have
  endured; nonetheless, on this special day we extend our heartfelt
  gratitude and profound respect to those on the front lines and to
  their loved ones on the home front; and
         WHEREAS, The Fourth of July serves as a reminder of the solemn
  promise of freedom that has defined America since the delegates of
  the Continental Congress made their famous declaration in 1776; as
  they gather to celebrate Independence Day in 2013, Texans will give
  thanks for the blessing of self-government and pledge anew to
  uphold the principles of equality, liberty, and just government,
  axioms so eloquently affirmed at the birth of our nation; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby commemorate the 2013 Fourth of July.