83R4264 JWI-D
  By: Harper-Brown H.R. No. 210
         WHEREAS, Many of Irving's most distinguished civic and
  business leaders are gathering in Austin today to celebrate Irving
  Day at the State Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, Established as a small settlement on a railroad line
  in the late 1800s, Irving has witnessed phenomenal growth since the
  mid-20th century when it had only about 3,000 residents; spurring
  its development, the Plymouth Park Shopping Center opened in 1955,
  the University of Dallas opened in 1956, and Irving Community
  Hospital opened in 1964; DFW International Airport and the Las
  Colinas and Valley Ranch master-planned business and residential
  communities further contributed to the boom, and today the city
  boasts a population of more than 215,000; and
         WHEREAS, Irving is one of the nation's premiere destinations
  for domestic and international corporate relocations; it is the
  home of a five-star chamber of commerce, the Greater Irving-Las
  Colinas Chamber of Commerce, which actively represents the
  interests of the largest business park in North Texas; 8,500
  companies, including more than 50 companies in the Fortune 500 and
  the global headquarters of ExxonMobil, Celanese, Kimberly-Clark,
  the Commercial Metals Company, and Fluor are located in the city;
         WHEREAS, Irving's educational and cultural resources make it
  a fine place to live and work; the University of Dallas, North Lake
  College, and other institutions provide outstanding postsecondary
  education, and the city's visual and performing arts groups,
  symphony orchestras, youth arts programs, nearby sports and
  entertainment venues, and riverside hiking and biking trails offer
  almost unlimited opportunities for fun; and
         WHEREAS, Irving is a forward-looking and vibrant city, which
  benefits greatly from the farsighted leadership of Mayor Beth Van
  Duyne and the members of the city council, Michael E. Gallaway, Roy
  Santoscoy, Dennis Webb, Joe Putnam, Rose Cannaday, Brad
  M. LaMorgese, Gerald Farris, and Thomas D. Spink, and its creative
  and hardworking citizens are to be commended for their
  contributions to the prosperity of the Lone Star State; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize February 12, 2013, as Irving Day at
  the State Capitol and extend a warm welcome to the visiting