83R4232 MDM-D
  By: Harper-Brown H.R. No. 204
         WHEREAS, The Irving Heritage Society recently celebrated the
  100th anniversary of the Heritage House; and
         WHEREAS, Built in 1912 by Fred Joffre, the Heritage House was
  constructed for Virginia and C. P. Schulze, the sister-in-law and
  brother of J. O. Schulze, one of the founders of Irving; the house
  was restored and furnished with original Schulze family antiques
  and deeded to the City of Irving in 1975 as a gift from Schulze
  family members in celebration of the nation's bicentennial; and
         WHEREAS, The Heritage House is managed by the Irving Heritage
  Society, whose organizers saw the need for a permanent association
  to maintain and preserve the house and its contents, as well as to
  respond to the renewed public interest in local history; Heritage
  Society members give tours of the house to the public once a month
  and hold a Valentine's Day tea and an ice cream social there each
  year; the house was designated as a Recorded Texas Historic
  Landmark in 1986; and
         WHEREAS, The Irving Heritage Society also established
  Heritage Park, where it has restored a cabin and other structures
  representing the city's railroad past; among its many projects, the
  group sponsors dinners, speakers, lectures, a newsletter, and
  themed teas, as well as home tours, educational programs, and the
  marking of historical sites; in addition, the society is
  responsible for the publication of Irving: A Texas Odyssey, a
  handsome book that traces the development of that city; the Texas
  Historical Commission, the Dallas County Historical Commission,
  and the Texas African American Heritage Organization have all
  recognized the Heritage Society with awards for its achievements;
         WHEREAS, The Heritage House of Irving provides a vital link
  to the rich history of that community, and its preservation is a
  testament to the hard work and community spirit of many dedicated
  citizens; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
  Heritage House and extend sincere appreciation to all those
  associated with this important landmark for their commendable
  efforts; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the Irving Heritage Society as an expression of high
  regard by the Texas House of Representatives.