S.B. 1857

By: Estes

Homeland Security & Public Safety

Committee Report (Unamended)






School personnel are currently provided with little or no training in how to respond to an active shooter situation, and the curriculum required to receive a concealed handgun license (CHL) does not cover an appropriate response to an active shooter.  S.B. 1857 creates a school safety certification for CHL instructors to train school personnel in basic defensive tactics to better equip them to protect their classrooms in dangerous situations.


This approach will utilize an infrastructure that is already in place, with over 3,000 CHL instructors statewide.  If approved by the school, the training may take place on campus to increase familiarity with each teacher's unique environment.  This training can better prepare the employee for an active shooter scenario whether they are carrying a weapon or not.


S.B. 1857 amends current law relating to the certification of certain qualified handgun instructors to conduct school safety training.




Rulemaking authority is expressly granted to the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas in SECTION 1 (Section 411.1901, Government Code) of this bill.




SECTION 1.  Amends Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, by adding Section 411.1901, as follows:


Sec. 411.1901.  SCHOOL SAFETY CERTIFICATION FOR QUALIFIED HANDGUN INSTRUCTORS.  (a)  Requires the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas (DPS) to establish a process to enable qualified handgun instructors certified under Section 411.190 (Qualified Handgun Instructors) to obtain an additional certification in school safety.  Requires that the process include a school safety certification course that provides training in the following:


(1)  the protection of students;


(2)  interaction of license holders with first responders;


(3)  tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility; and


(4)  methods for increasing a license holder's accuracy with a handgun while under duress.


(b)  Requires the school safety certification course under Subsection (a) to include not less than 15 hours and not more than 20 hours of instruction.


(c)  Authorizes a qualified handgun instructor certified in school safety under this section to provide school safety training, including instruction in the subjects listed under Subsection (a), to employees of a school district or an open-enrollment charter school who hold a license to carry a concealed handgun issued under this subchapter.


(d)  Requires DPS to establish a fee in an amount that is sufficient to cover the costs of the school safety certification under this section.


(e)  Authorizes DPS to adopt rules to administer this section.




September 1, 2013.