Human Trafficking Committee

            September 25, 2012 - 10:00 AM

            Monitor implementation of legislation relating to human trafficking


                                 Barr, Geoff (Office of Texas Attorney General)

                                 Cabaniss, Katherine (Crime Stoppers)

                                 Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District & County Attorneys Association)

                                 Garcia, Angela (Office of Court Administration)

                                 Penry, Kendra (Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition)

            Study services available for victims of human trafficking


                                 Armstrong, Kellie (Freedom Place)

                                 Briggs, Cheryl (Mission at Serenity Ranch)

                                 Eddleman, Sonja (Coastal Bend of Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking)

                                 Ellis, Angela (315th District Court)

                                 Good, Linda (Lone Star Legal Aid)

                                 Griffin, Kathryn (We've Been There Done That)

                                 Hickman, Ron (Harris County)

                                 Johnson, Ann (Self)

                                 Kimball, Mandi (Children at Risk)

                                 Lykos, Patricia (Harris County)

                                 Ryan, Vince (Harris County)

                                 Shaw, Jean (Texas Department of Family & Protective Services)

                                 Weber, Rebecca (New Life Refuge Ministries)