Appropriations - S/C on Articles I, IV, & V Committee

            February 16, 2011 - 7:00 AM


            House Budget Recommendations


                                 Klaeger, Donna (Texas Commission on Jail Standards)


                                 Chandler, Gary (Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Assoc.)

                                 Kirk, Christopher (Self; Sheriffs' Association of Texas, 1601 South IH-35 Austin TX 78741)

                                 Sloman, Jessica (Houston Police Department)

                                 Taylor, Clay (Dept. of Public Safety Officers Association)

                                 Tittle, Gary (Dallas Police Department, Texas Police Chief's Association, Texas Municipal


                                 Zavesky, Joe (DeWitt County)


                                 Abbott, Greg (Office of the Attorney General)

                                 Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissioners Assoc. of Texas)

                                 Braaten, Timothy (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards & Education


                                 Claitor, Diana (Texas Jail Project)

                                 Connealy, Chris (Self; Texas Commission on Fire Protection, Texas Fire Chiefs Assoc.)

                                 Gillette, John (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)

                                 Hodge, Daniel (OAG)

                                 Jefferson, Wallace B (Texas Judicial Branch Supreme Court of Texas)

                                 Johnson, Phil (Self)

                                 Johnson, Roland (Self)

                                 Key, Alicia (OAG)

                                 Livingston, Terrie (Second Court of Appeals)

                                 MacBride, Cheryl (Dept of Public Safety)

                                 McCraw, Steven (DPS)

                                 Munoz, Adan (Tx. Commission on Jail Standards)

                                 Painter, Gary (Sheriff's Association of Texas)

                                 Radack, Sherry (First Court of Appeals, Chair of Council of Chief, Intermediate Courts of


                                 Simpson, Matt (ACLU of Texas)

                                 Steen, Alan (TABC)

                                 Stone, Catherine (4th Court of Appeals)

                                 Warren, Sr., Gary (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)

                                 Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)