Appropriations - S/C on Article II Committee

            February 17, 2011 - 7:00 AM


            House Budget Recommendations


                                 Babajanian, Armen (Self; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Big Brother Volunteer)

                                 Cantella, Chad (BCFS/Preparation for Adult Living Program)

                                 Cruz - Family Adovocate, Raul (Self)

                                 Dawson, JodyAnn (Self)

                                 Dick, Trudy (Texas CASA)

                                 Flores, Susie (Self)

                                 Garcia, Mimi (Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Harris, Ashley (Texans Care for Children)

                                 Hernandez, Lydia (Self)

                                 Holman, Nancy (Tx. Alliance of Child & Family Services)

                                 Kendrick, Brandan (Self)

                                 Kendrick, Bruce (North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC), Embrace

                                 Waiting Children Inc.)

                                 Knabe, Adolph (High Sky Childrens Ranch)

                                 Lantrip, Melanie (Self)

                                 Lee, Susan (Self)

                                 McClure, Madeline (TexProtects, the TX Assoc. for the Protection of Children)

                                 Milam, Susan (Natl. Association of Social Workers/Texas Chapter)

                                 Roberts, Mickey (Self)

                                 Taylor, Brad (K'Star Youth & Family Services)

                                 Tessier, DJ (Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards)

                                 Wittie, David (Self)


                                 Barillas, Katherine (Childbuilders)

                                 Burstain, Jane (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

                                 Clements, Irene (Texas Foster Family Association)

                                 Cook, Penny (Adoption Review Committee)

                                 Cox, Heidi (Self)

                                 Ferris, Erin (De Pelchin Children's Center)

                                 Fleming, Randel (Self)

                                 Freeman, Kathryn (Texas Appleseed)

                                 Gendron, Christine (Texas Network of Youth Services)

                                 Heiligenstein, Anne (Department of Family and Protective Services)

                                 Hodge, Kenyata (Boys and Girls Clubs of Bastrop County)

                                 Kiester, Mark (Boys & Girls Clubs)

                                 Martinez, Diana (TexProtects, The Texas Asso. for the Protection of Children)

                                 St. Julien, Kelly (Boys and Girls Clubs)

                                 Stallings, Kellie (Self)

                                 Tod, Theresa (Texas Network of Youth Services)