Appropriations - S/C on Article II Committee

            February 16, 2011 - 7:00 AM


            House Budget Recommendations


                                 Hansen, Ruth (Self)


                                 Abraham, Deanna (Mosaic, PPAT)

                                 Allen, J. Brad (Self)

                                 Armond, Daniel (Golden Rule Services, Inc.)

                                 Atkins, Mickey (D&S Residential Services)

                                 Bales, Kathy (Self)

                                 Barcellano, Margaret (Self)

                                 Berry, Jason (Berry Family Services)

                                 Berry, Tom (Berry Family Services)

                                 Black, Beverly (Self)

                                 Black, Lauren (Reach Unlimited Serving People w/ Developmental Disabilities)

                                 Black, Wayne (Self)

                                 Brito, Allison (I work for Rescare/Educare Comm. Living)

                                 Broussard, Ricky (The Arc of Texas and Texas Advocates)

                                 Brusatori, Kim (Self)

                                 Buckingham, Joel (Self)

                                 Campbell, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Campbell, Shelley (Brenham Outreach Advisory Council, Inc.; Providers Alliance of

                                 Community Services of Texas (PACSTX) Arc of Bryan/College Station)

                                 Castillo, Rosemary (Pace Texas Association)

                                 Chittenden, Michael (Bethesda Lutheran Communities)

                                 Cox, Gary (Mary Lee Foundation resident)

                                 Cranford, Jessica (Self)

                                 Cranston, Catherine (Self; PACT/ADAPT)

                                 Cranston, Ron (Self)

                                 Daniels, Blake (Oak Wood Place Assisted Living - TALA)

                                 Dooley, Michelle (Morgan Dooley)

                                 Draper, Linda (Self)

                                 Dunaway, Rose (Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice)

                                 Dunson, Leigh (Mary Lee Foundation ICF & HCS Program)

                                 Edwards, Genelle (Self)

                                 Esteves, Lynn (Self; Lynn Esteves and my brother Richard Bush)

                                 Evans, Darlene (Self; Texas Health Care Assn)

                                 Farris, Jody (Nolan Farris, our son)

                                 Farris, Ryan (Nolan Farris, son)

                                 Fredriksen, Amanda (AARP)

                                 Fry, Greg (Self)

                                 Gants, Patricia (Self)

                                 Garcia, Mimi (Texas State Employees Union, CWA Local 8168)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Garraud, Yolette (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Vicki (Self)

                                 Givens, Christine (Self; Arc of Texas)

                                 Goldston, Justin (Berry Family Services)

                                 Graves, Tim (Texas Health Care Association)

                                 Gray, Ken (Kenmar Residential Services, Inc.)

                                 Greer, Terry (Self)

                                 Griffith, Kathy (Self; Premieant, Inc.)

                                 Griffith, Mark (Self)

                                 Gross, Ronald (Mary Lee Foundation resident)

                                 Gunderlach, Boyce (Mary Lee Foundation HCS Program)

                                 Hall Inman, Erinn (Self)

                                 Hamman, Lilian (Self; Nurses Unlimited, Peter Hamman)

                                 Harrod, Darlene (Exceptional Care, Inc. ICF/MR Group Homes)

                                 Hernandez, Richard (Rescare, Inc.)

                                 Heyden, Marita (Self)

                                 Hill, Larry (Hill Resources Inc)

                                 Hinds, Alaine (Self; Arc of Texas)

                                 Hinds, Luke (Self; Arc of Texas)

                                 Hinds, Sarah (Self; Arc of Texas)

                                 Hooks, Tonya (Mary Lee Foundation ICF resident (under DADS))

                                 Hopp, Bradley (Self)

                                 Hurt, Rick (Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities)

                                 Israel, Gordon (Draco Services, Inc.)

                                 Johnson, Annette (Self)

                                 Johnson, Susan (Self)

                                 Kafka, Bob (ADAPT of Texas)

                                 Kelly, Coyle (Texas Health Care Assn., Texas Assn. for Home Care & Hospice, PACSTX)

                                 Kelly, Pamela (Self; Reaching Maximum Independence)

                                 Kerbow, Kendra L. (Self)

                                 Kerley, Eddie (Self)

                                 Kerley, Teresa (Self; People with IDD & their Parents)

                                 Latimer, Dennis (Premieant, Inc.)

                                 Leatham, David (Vita-Living, Inc)

                                 Lee, Will (Self; Council Oaks)

                                 Levine, Linda (Self)

                                 Lopez, Guadalupe Lopez (Self; PACT)

                                 Maceyra, Victor (Self)

                                 Mather, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Mayfield, Samuel (Self)

                                 Mayfield, Stacey (Self)

                                 McClure, Madeline (Tex Protects, the Texas Assoc. for the Protection of Children)

                                 McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT of Texas)

                                 Metz, Albert (Self; ADAPT)

                                 Miller, Jim (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Misuk, Laura (Nurse - Family Partnership)

                                 Mitchell, Penny (Self)

                                 Morgan, Mason (Daybreak Group)

                                 Murphree, Susan (Advocacy Incorporated)

                                 Palasota, Sheryl (Self)

                                 Parker, Les (EduCare Community Living)

                                 Parker, Patricia (Self)

                                 Payne, Susan (PART & Myself)

                                 Prince, Derek (Self; Mason Health, Texas Healthcare Assoc.)

                                 Rasco, Melissa (CALAB, Inc. (ICF,HCS,CBA))

                                 Reding, Julie (Self; Rescare, Inc.)

                                 Redman, Laura (Community Access, Inc.)

                                 Reeves, Sandra (Self; Richmond State Supported Living Center Family & Friends Assoc.)

                                 Rich, Sid (Texas Association of Residential Care Communities (TARC))

                                 Ritter, Rudolph (Advantage Behavioral Services)

                                 Robinson, Donna (Individuals with Developmental Disabilities)

                                 Robinson, Ileene (Self)

                                 Robinson, Mary (Educare)

                                 Ruiz, Edmundo A. (Self)

                                 Saenz, Danny (Self)

                                 Salovitz, Helwa (Community Now)

                                 Schmidt, Kathi (Reach Unlimited, Inc., Supporting People w/ Intellectual & Dev. Disabilities)

                                 Singleton, Don (Self)

                                 Slone, Jeri (Bluebonnet Homes, Inc.)

                                 Snipes, Brenda (Self; Brenda Snipes, All The Little Things Count, Legal Guardian of Kelli W.


                                 Sonleitner, Denise (Self)

                                 Southern, David (Self; Southern Concepts Inc.)

                                 Svien, Doug (Rock House, Inc.)

                                 Templeton, Jamie (Self; Represent myself & my son as a private individual)

                                 Thomas, Stephanie (Self; ADAPT of Texas)

                                 Thomason, David (Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (TAHSA))

                                 Van Wyk, Peggy (Self)

                                 Van Wyk, Wallace (Self)

                                 Vaughan, Jo (Community Access)

                                 Walker, Carla (My coorporation Educare/ResCare/Daughter)

                                 Welch, Paul (Self; DBMAT)

                                 Welch, Susie (Self)

                                 Welsch, Diana (Self)

                                 Whitaker, Cindy (Texas Advocates)

                                 Williams, Tim (Texas Panhandle Center)

                                 Wills, Micah (Mary Lee Foundation ICF resident)

                                 Wittie, David (Community Now!, ADAPT of Texas)

                                 Yeaman, Karen (Self; My son Lathem)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Barker, Kevin (Bob & Kathy Jack, Martin & Jennifer Daniels, Texana Center)

                                 Goode, Jenny (Betty Hardwick Center)

                                 Henning, Peter (Special Texas Homes)

                                 Litzinger, Amy (Self)

                                 Litzinger, Linda (Self)

                                 Lynch, Louise (Austin Travis County Integral Care, Texas Council Community Centers)

                                 Milam, Susan (Natl. Assoc. of Social Workers/Texas Chapter)

                                 Taylor, Gordon (Dept Aging and Disablity Services)

                                 Traylor, Chris (Dept Aging and Disabitiy)

                                 Whitcher, David (Tara Ruiz, Lydia Odesky, Texana Center)