COMMITTEE: Appropriations

TIME & DATE: 7:00 AM, Thursday, February 24, 2011

PLACE: E1.030
CHAIR: Rep. Jim Pitts


The Committee anticipates consideration of the House budget recommendations for the following:


                Commission on the Arts

                Office of the Attorney General

                Bond Review Board

                Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas

                Comptroller of Public Accounts

                Fiscal Programs - Comptroller of Public Accounts

                Social Security and Benefits Replacement Pay

                Commission on State Emergency Communications

                Employees Retirement System

                Texas Ethics Commission

                Facilities Commission

                Revenue Bonds for Lease Payments

                Public Finance Authority

                Public Finance Authority - G.O. Bond Debt Service

                Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner

                Office of the Governor

                Trusteed Programs within the Office of the Governor

                Historical Commission

                Department of Information Resources

                Library & Archives Commission

                Pension Review Board

                Preservation Board

                State Office of Risk Management

                Workers' Compensation Payments

                Secretary of State

                Veterans Commission

                Pending Items



For more details, see agenda posted outside the Appropriations Committee Room, E1.030.