Senate Floor Action for 5/2/2011



May 2, 2011

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SB 1206 (CS) (LC)Deuell

Relating to medical care and public health services provided by a health care professional in a licensed freestanding emergency medical care facility.

SB 1864 (CS)Davis

Relating to the awarding of contracts by the Texas Department of Transportation to private sector providers.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 1555 (CS)Thompson/ Miles SP: Ellis

Relating to the first day of instruction in certain school districts that provide additional days of instruction financed with local funds.

The Senate suspended the regular order, read third time and finally passed:

SB 462 (CS)West

Relating to the expunction of records and files relating to a person's arrest.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate suspended the regular order, read the second time, and passed to third reading:

HB 15 (CS)Miller, Sid/ Callegari/ Harless/ Kolkhorst/ Patrick, Diane/ et al. SP: Patrick/ et al.

Relating to informed consent to an abortion.

2 Floor Amendments

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 845 Carona

In memory of J.D. Tippit of Dallas.

SR 884 Lucio/ Hinojosa

In memory of Janie Cuellar Salinas.

SR 889 Van de Putte

Recognizing the devotion and sacrifice of the members of the United States military who so honorably serve our country.

The Senate concurred in House amendments to the following:

SB 539 (LC)Carona SP: Kleinschmidt

Relating to the award of costs and attorney's fees in certain proceedings concerning mechanic's, contractor's, or materialman's liens.

SB 646 (CS) (LC)Nichols/ Hegar SP: Cook

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Forest Service.

Committee referral on the following:

SCR 49 Wentworth

Granting Jacqueline A. Carrizales permission to sue the San Antonio Water System.


SB 1923 Wentworth

Relating to providing that certain travel vouchers submitted by peace officers assigned to a protective detail are confidential.

Open Government, Select

SB 1924 Uresti

Relating to concurrent state and federal jurisdiction over certain units of the national park system in this state.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 1925 Eltife

Relating to the designation of a portion of U.S. Highway 271 as the Sergeant Jay M. Hoskins Memorial Highway.

Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 1926 Lucio

Relating to the Colonel H. William "Bill" Card, Jr., Outpatient Clinic.

International Relations & Trade

HB 78 Flynn

Relating to the purchase of food and beverages by certain state law enforcement agencies for peace officer training functions.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 150 Solomons

Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the Texas House of Representatives.

Redistricting, Select

HB 232 White/ Kuempel

Relating to the amendment of restrictions affecting real property in certain subdivisions.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 343 Fletcher

Relating to the reporting and recording of a motor vehicle accident involving an official vehicle driven by a peace officer, firefighter, or an emergency medical services employee in the course of official duties.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 625 Solomons

Relating to notice of staff leasing services company workers' compensation claim and payment information; providing an administrative violation.

State Affairs

HB 707 Laubenberg

Relating to the validation of certain governmental acts and proceedings of certain municipalities relating to certain public improvement districts.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 718 Fletcher/ Riddle/ Kleinschmidt/ Gallego/ Bohac/ et al.

Relating to the period in which a person commits the offense of funeral service disruption.

Criminal Justice

HB 782 Davis, Yvonne

Relating to a requirement that certain bond issuers obtain an appraisal of property that is to be purchased with bond proceeds.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 788 Kuempel/ Miller, Doug

Relating to the establishment and use of a private family cemetery by certain organizations.

Health & Human Services

HB 812 King, Phil/ Garza/ Sheffield/ Anderson, Charles "Doc"/ Laubenberg

Relating to the definition of peace officer for purposes of intercepting or collecting information in relation to certain communications in an investigation of criminal conduct.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 844 Geren

Relating to the sale or lease of property by certain municipalities owning land near the shoreline of certain lakes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 858 Gonzalez, Naomi

Relating to the authority of the El Paso County Hospital District to employ and commission peace officers.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 887 Geren/ et al.

Relating to registration of a motor vehicle alleged to have been involved in a violation detected by a photographic traffic signal enforcement system.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 901 Thompson/ Harless/ Woolley/ Howard, Donna/ Dutton/ et al.

Relating to spousal maintenance.


HB 927 Harper-Brown/ Burkett/ Anderson, Rodney/ et al.

Relating to the punishment for the offense of indecent exposure.

Criminal Justice

HB 976 Carter/ Harper-Brown/ Jackson, Jim/ Strama/ Gallego/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of a warrant or summons by a magistrate.

Criminal Justice

HB 990 Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to certain homestead preservation reinvestment zones.

Economic Development

HB 1048 Cain

Relating to the terms of the 102nd District Court in Red River County.


HB 1057 Anchia

Relating to business leave time for certain municipal firefighters and police officers.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1094 Farias/ Larson/ McClendon/ Garza

Relating to the availability on the Internet of reports of political expenditures and contributions filed in connection with certain county and municipal offices.

State Affairs

HB 1103 Lucio III/ Pena

Relating to payment of a fee as a required condition of community supervision for certain criminal offenses involving animal cruelty.

Criminal Justice

HB 1123 Dutton

Relating to the regulation of athlete agents; providing administrative and criminal penalties.

Business & Commerce

HB 1235 Schwertner

Relating to the transfer of certain state property from the Texas Department of Transportation to the Parks and Wildlife Department.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1267 Smithee

Relating to the authority of certain counties and intergovernmental pools to require reimbursement for punitive damage coverage.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1274 Pena/ Guillen

Relating to an exemption from the payment of a toll for unmarked military vehicles conducting or training for emergency operations.


HB 1371 Gonzalez, Naomi

Relating to vehicle parking requirements in certain municipal housing authority communities.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1385 Harless

Relating to personalization of certain license plates issued to veterans with disabilities.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1403 Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to eligibility to participate in the low-income vehicle repair assistance, retrofit, and accelerated vehicle retirement program.

Natural Resources

HB 1449 Guillen

Relating to certain right-of-way easements on land owned by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1450 Guillen

Relating to a study regarding tort liability arising from a volunteer's operation of a Parks and Wildlife Department vehicle.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1503 White/ King, Phil/ Garza/ et al.

Relating to the qualifications to serve as a special peace officer at a polling place.

State Affairs

HB 1514 Isaac/ Sheets/ Taylor, Van/ Farias

Relating to the issuance to veterans of specially marked driver's licenses.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 1523 Phillips/ Murphy

Relating to the offense of transporting household goods without registration; providing a penalty.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1631 Thompson

Relating to expedited credentialing for certain podiatrists providing services under a managed care plan.

State Affairs

HB 1711 Davis, John

Relating to disaster remediation contracts.

Economic Development

HB 2080 King, Tracy O.

Relating to certification of a person as eligible for disabled parking privileges.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 2857 Gallego

Relating to regulation of outdoor lighting in certain areas; providing a criminal penalty and for injunctive relief.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2907 Branch

Relating to the requirements for and procedures governing tuition equalization grants.

Higher Education

HB 3049 Lucio III

Relating to the designation of a portion of State Highway 499 as the Colonel Bill Card, Jr., Boulevard.

Transportation & Homeland Security