Senate Floor Action for 4/26/2011



April 26, 2011

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SCR 36 Williams/ Fraser/ Hinojosa/ Huffman/ Lucio/ et al.

Urging the members of the Texas congressional delegation to provide to the legislature a cost analysis of the exact funding necessary for full enforcement of all immigration laws in Texas and to immediately report back to the legislature as to the status of that funding and directing the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house to send a delegation of members from both chambers to meet with members of Congress and members of the executive branch to discuss the border security crisis.

SCR 48 Harris

Recalling S.B. No. 785 from the governor for clerical correction.

SB 47 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the pro re nata administration of psychoactive medications in certain residential health care facilities.

SB 205 (CS)Whitmire/ et al.

Relating to school district policies to prohibit bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, and intimidation.

SB 224 (CS) (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to a program to recognize public schools with successful student health and fitness programs.

SB 518 (CS)Shapiro

Relating to initiatives designed to improve performance of public school students, including initiatives specifically for students enrolled at the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade levels.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 573 (CS)Nichols/ Gallegos/ Patrick/ et al.

Relating to certificates of public convenience and necessity for water or sewer services.

SB 681 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to the establishment of a task force to study the assessments of children in the child welfare system.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 718 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to disciplinary action taken against public school students on the basis of serious misbehavior.

SB 811 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine.

SB 877 (CS) (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to a verification of the incarceration of an accused person in a criminal case for the purpose of discharging a surety's liability on a bail bond.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 963 (LC)Uresti

Relating to certification of a person as eligible for disabled parking privileges.

SB 1024 (LC)Rodriguez

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of theft of service.

SB 1116 (CS) (LC)Whitmire/ et al.

Relating to the enforcement and punishment of certain prohibited conduct that occurs on a public school campus or on a vehicle owned by a county or school district.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1177 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the adoption by health care facilities of a policy on vaccine preventable diseases; imposing penalties.

SB 1296 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the use of proceeds of bonds and other financial security filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas by certain persons under the jurisdiction of the commission and deposited in the oil-field cleanup fund.

SB 1383 (CS)Shapiro/ Patrick

Relating to an appraisal and professional development system for public school principals.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1421 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the awarding of grants provided by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

SB 1489 (CS)Whitmire/ et al.

Relating to educational, juvenile justice, and criminal justice responses to truancy.

SB 1522 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the entering of a plea in a criminal case by a defendant confined in a penal institution.

SB 1551 (CS) (LC)Rodriguez/ et al.

Relating to missing children; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 1656 (CS)Watson

Relating to a prohibition on certain underwriting and rating actions based on consumer inquiries.

SB 1662 (LC)West/ et al.

Relating to the payment of costs associated with certain educational programs of Prairie View A&M University.

SB 1682 Ellis/ et al.

Relating to the creation of managed assigned counsel programs.

SB 1693 (CS)Carona

Relating to periodic rate adjustments by electric utilities.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1717 (CS)Duncan/ et al.

Relating to the operation and administration of the judicial branch of state government.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1872 (CS)Van de Putte/ Davis/ Shapiro/ et al.

Relating to revising, revoking, or denying renewal of charters of open-enrollment charter schools under certain circumstances.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 824 Ogden/ Hegar/ Wentworth/ Williams

Commending the Texas A&M University women's basketball team on winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association national championship.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 1913 Watson

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1914 Watson

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 2; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1915 Watson

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 3; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1916 Watson

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 4; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1917 Zaffirini

Relating to the tax exemption for permanent hotel residents in certain smaller municipalities.


SB 1918 Zaffirini

Relating to the authority of emergency services districts in low populous counties to contract with banks regarding deposits.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 6 Eissler/ Allen/ Strama/ Branch/ et al.

Relating to the foundation curriculum, the establishment of the instructional materials allotment, and the adoption, review, and purchase of instructional materials and technological equipment for public schools.


HB 33 Branch/ Patrick, Diane/ Vo/ Castro/ Hancock/ et al.

Relating to measures to increase the affordability of textbooks used for courses at public or private institutions of higher education.

Higher Education

HB 44 Menendez

Relating to the authority of a property owners' association to regulate the use of certain lots for residential purposes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 213 Rodriguez, Eddie/ Keffer/ et al.

Relating to the duties of a mortgage servicer of certain residential mortgage loans.

Business & Commerce

HB 243 Craddick/ Martinez Fischer/ Brown/ Cook/ Menendez/ et al.

Relating to the creation of an offense for certain uses of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 265 Hilderbran

Relating to the lease of space by or for a state agency.

Government Organization

HB 282 Flynn/ Guillen

Relating to an analysis by the adjutant general of facility needs of state military forces before grants or conveyances of real property.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 345 Kleinschmidt

Relating to limitations on awards in an adjudication brought against a local governmental entity for breach of contract.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 365 Turner/ Bohac

Relating to the use of eminent domain authority by certain municipalities to take abandoned multi-family rental buildings.

State Affairs

HB 377 McClendon

Relating to the expenditure of money from the general revenue fund for rail projects.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 399 Castro/ et al.

Relating to requiring general academic teaching institutions to offer personal financial literacy training.

Higher Education

HB 499 Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the additional penalty for collection costs for certain delinquent ad valorem taxes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 555 Howard, Donna

Relating to reportable boating accidents and the penalties for certain boating accidents.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 650 Castro

Relating to property held by certain junior colleges and presumed abandoned.

Higher Education

HB 968 Strama

Relating to expulsion from school or placement in a disciplinary alternative education program.


HB 992 Castro

Relating to excess undergraduate credit hours at public institutions of higher education.

Higher Education

HB 1064 Pitts/ Cook/ Shelton/ Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Relating to exempting certain customers from certain demand charges by transmission and distribution utilities.

Business & Commerce

HB 1118 Ritter/ Deshotel

Relating to the resale of property purchased by a taxing unit at a tax sale.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1148 Smith, Wayne

Relating to an exemption for certain disabled veterans from the payment of a fee for the issuance of a personal identification certificate.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1206 Guillen

Relating to training for members of governing boards of public junior college districts.

Higher Education

HB 1242 Geren

Relating to the regulation of certain metal dealers; providing criminal penalties.

Business & Commerce

HB 1245 Callegari

Relating to the repeal of the authorization to establish a super collider facility research authority.

Economic Development

HB 1247 Callegari

Relating to the repeal of certain prohibitions on purchases of paper supplies and cabinets by state agencies.

Government Organization

HB 1254 Pickett/ Margo

Relating to consideration of the consolidation of school district employment of peace officers and security personnel in certain counties.

International Relations & Trade

HB 1263 Lucio III/ Solomons

Relating to the powers, duties, and financing of certain facilities finance corporations.

Economic Development

HB 1300 Guillen/ Frullo/ Farias

Relating to funding for state sites and programs of the Parks and Wildlife Department through private contributions and partnerships and to commercial advertising on certain state sites.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1325 Hartnett

Relating to payment of the costs for services of a guardian ad litem, court visitor, and attorney ad litem in a guardianship proceeding.


HB 1341 Walle

Relating to the manner of payment of tuition and mandatory fees at public institutions of higher education.

Higher Education

HB 1353 Elkins/ Sheets/ et al.

Relating to speed limits.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1379 Anchia

Relating to the purchasing of a firearm from the county by an honorably retired law enforcement officer.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1380 Truitt

Relating to the graduate medical training requirements for certain foreign medical school graduates applying for a license to practice medicine in this state.

Health & Human Services

HB 1400 Elkins

Relating to payment of costs of improvements of a public improvement district designated by a municipality or county.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1426 Farias

Relating to the collection of court costs, fees, fines, and other money by the commissioners courts of certain counties.


HB 1469 Hernandez Luna

Relating to exempting certain fraternal and veterans organizations from certain bond requirements to obtain an alcoholic beverage permit or license.

Business & Commerce

HB 1550 Aycock

Relating to participation in state travel service contracts by open-enrollment charter schools.


HB 1567 Coleman

Relating to the authority of certain counties to appoint, contract for, or employ physicians, dentists, or other health care providers for county jails.

Criminal Justice

HB 1568 Coleman

Relating to authority of the Harris County Hospital District and certain local governmental entities to appoint, contract for, or employ physicians.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1614 Gooden/ Pitts/ Jackson, Jim

Relating to fees for process server certification.


HB 1625 Brown

Relating to the renewal of electrical sign apprentice licenses.

Business & Commerce

HB 1753 Gallego/ Hilderbran/ Geren/ Turner

Relating to the threshold amount at which public utilities are required to report a transaction.

Business & Commerce

HB 1768 Munoz, Jr./ Eissler/ Laubenberg/ Marquez

Relating to the regulation of roadside vendors and solicitors.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1774 Taylor, Larry

Relating to the continuation and functions of the office of injured employee counsel under the workers' compensation program.

Government Organization

HB 1779 Naishtat

Relating to an exemption from private security regulation for social workers engaged in the practice of social work.

Criminal Justice

HB 1781 Price/ Harper-Brown/ Callegari/ Frullo/ Thompson

Relating to obsolete or redundant reporting requirements applicable to state agencies.

Government Organization

HB 1806 Flynn

Relating to fishing tournament fraud; providing penalties.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1832 Ritter

Relating to the law governing the Lower Neches Valley Authority; providing authority to issue bonds.

Natural Resources

HB 1861 Anchia

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Commission on State Emergency Communications.

Government Organization

HB 1889 Burkett

Relating to the creation of municipal courts of record in the city of Mesquite.


HB 1908 Madden

Relating to student loan repayment assistance for certain providers of correctional health care.

Criminal Justice

HB 1917 Schwertner

Relating to the removal of appointed emergency services commissioners by a commissioners court.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1965 Kolkhorst/ Zerwas/ Naishtat/ Branch/ Bohac/ et al.

Relating to the expansion of faith- and community-based health and human services initiatives.

Health & Human Services

HB 1990 Hardcastle

Relating to the authority of the board of directors of the Hardeman County Hospital District to employ physicians and other health care providers.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2012 Thompson

Relating to certain prohibited dealings between a wholesaler and retailer of alcoholic beverages.

Business & Commerce

HB 2131 Geren/ Solomons/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of a pass for expedited access to the State Capitol.


HB 2207 Oliveira

Relating to the authority of the board of trustees to set rates for certain municipal utility systems.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2251 Bonnen

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Public Finance Authority.

Government Organization

HB 2257 Phillips

Relating to the procurement and use of an emergency notification system by public service providers.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 2258 Deshotel

Relating to the use and transferability of certain state property transferred from the state to Spindletop MHMR Services.

Health & Human Services

HB 2266 Smith, Wayne

Relating to fire code certificates of compliance.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2296 Ritter

Relating to the creation of Jefferson County Management District No. 1; providing authority to impose an assessment, impose a tax, and issue bonds.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2351 McClendon

Relating to the authority of the Bexar County Hospital District to employ physicians.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2360 Schwertner

Relating to the creation of the Corn Hill Regional Water Authority; providing authority to issue bonds.

Natural Resources

HB 2375 Hamilton

Relating to practices and professions regulated by the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.

Business & Commerce

HB 2418 Callegari

Relating to the territory, board of directors, and powers of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority.

Natural Resources

HB 2463 Reynolds

Relating to access to certain records regarding an employment discrimination claim.

Open Government, Select

HB 2499 Cook

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Department of Information Resources and the transfer of certain department functions to the comptroller of public accounts.

Government Organization

HB 2503 Thompson

Relating to insurance agent licenses issued to certain foreign corporations and partnerships.

Business & Commerce

HB 2521 Sheffield

Relating to the creation of the Bell County Municipal Utility District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2541 Solomons

Relating to the regulation of traffic on certain roads by counties.

Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 2559 Truitt

Relating to commercial motor vehicle installment sales.

Business & Commerce

HB 2582 Murphy

Relating to the repeal of the partial tax exemption for certain beer.

Business & Commerce

HB 2605 Taylor, Larry

Relating to certain workers' compensation benefits and to the continuation and functions of the division of workers' compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance; providing an administrative violation.

Government Organization

HB 2609 Guillen

Relating to employment at or by certain facilities serving the elderly or persons with disabilities.

Health & Human Services

HB 2631 Branch

Relating to the advanced research program.

Higher Education

HB 2633 Madden

Relating to the office of inspector general of the Texas Youth Commission.

Criminal Justice

HB 2670 Miles

Relating to validating certain acts and proceedings of Harris County Improvement District No. 5 and to the boundaries of the district.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2690 Deshotel

Relating to authorizing local governments to convey real property interests to other local governments for less than fair market value.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2716 Darby

Relating to the management and preservation of the county clerk's records and to the county clerk's records archive.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2785 Davis, John/ Reynolds/ Murphy

Relating to the creation of the Select Committee on Economic Development.

Economic Development

HB 2794 Hunter

Relating to the creation of the Calhoun County Groundwater Conservation District.

Natural Resources

HB 2831 Darby

Relating to maximizing federal funding of extended unemployment benefits.

Economic Development

HB 2904 Zerwas

Relating to the administration of the Glenda Dawson Donate Life-Texas Registry.

Health & Human Services

HB 2909 Branch

Relating to increasing awareness in this state of the importance of higher education.


HB 2971 Smith, Todd

Relating to the confidentiality of documents evaluating the performance of public school teachers and administrators.


HB 3000 Thompson/ Anchia/ Weber/ Christian/ Gallego/ et al.

Relating to creating the offense of continuous trafficking of persons; providing a penalty and other civil consequences.

Criminal Justice

HB 3174 Madden/ et al.

Relating to the stay of recognition or enforcement of a foreign country judgment to allow for de novo review of a contract or agreement for a sale, offer for sale, or sell under The Securities Act.


HB 3333 Pena

Relating to the authority of the governor to order the disconnection of state computer networks from the Internet.

Government Organization

HCR 69 Hopson/ Hughes

Directing the Texas Facilities Commission to name the Department of State Health Services Laboratory Services Section building in Austin in honor of former state representative Dr. Bob Glaze.


Committee re-referral on the following:

HB 994 Castro

Relating to proceedings that may be referred to and the powers of a criminal law magistrate in Bexar County.

Re-referred from Criminal Justice to Jurisprudence