Friday, May 27, 2011




********** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE **********

The Senate requests the appointment of a conference committee on:

SB 408              Estes

SP: Keffer

Relating to inspection of and the operation of watercraft on the John Graves Scenic Riverway; providing for the imposition of a criminal penalty.
(Senate Conferees: Estes, Ch./Fraser/Harris/Lucio/Carona)

SB 542              Hegar

SP: Fletcher

Relating to the regulation of law enforcement officers by the Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.
(Senate Conferees: Hegar, Ch./Huffman/Seliger/Whitmire/Williams)

SB 660              Hinojosa / Hegar

SP: Ritter

Relating to the review and functions of the Texas Water Development Board, including the functions of the board and related entities in connection with the process for establishing and appealing desired future conditions in a groundwater management area.
(Senate Conferees: Hinojosa, Ch./Whitmire/Duncan/Fraser/Hegar)

SB 1130             Hegar

SP: Kleinschmidt

Relating to the exception from required public disclosure of certain records of an appraisal district.
(Senate Conferees: Hegar, Ch./Wentworth/Birdwell/Deuell/Eltife)