Congratulatory And Memorial Calendar

Thursday, April 21, 2011
10:00 AM




HCR 104             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Dr. Kitty Harris Wilkes on her selection as a 2011 YWCA of Lubbock Woman of Excellence.

HCR 105             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Beth Lawson on her selection as a 2011 YWCA of Lubbock Woman of Excellence.

HCR 106             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Aimee Doane on being named a 2011 Lubbock YWCA Woman of Excellence.

HCR 107             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Dr. Kamlesh Varma on her selection as a 2011 YWCA of Lubbock Woman of Excellence.

HCR 108             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Dr. Kelly Overley on her selection as a 2011 Woman of Excellence by the YWCA of Lubbock.

HCR 109             Workman

Recognizing the Junior Marine Corps of Bedichek Middle School in Austin.

HCR 111             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Yvonne Racz Key on her selection as a 2011 YWCA of Lubbock Woman of Excellence.

HCR 112             Frullo / Perry

Congratulating Sarah Jo Lambert on her selection as a 2011 YWCA of Lubbock Woman of Excellence.

HCR 115             Smith, Wayne

Honoring the Battleship Texas Foundation for its work to preserve the historic battleship.

HCR 119             Davis, John

Congratulating James Alford Davis on being named the 2011 Citizen of the Year by the Menard County Chamber of Commerce.

HCR 132             Davis, John

Honoring the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians on the occasion of their annual convention.

HR 1180             Madden

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Edward Nahas's immigration to the United States and honoring Mr. Nahas and his wife, Alda.

HR 1243             Raymond

Commending Harry Cabluck on his 50-year career as a photojournalist.

HR 1244             Branch

Congratulating Charles W. Matthews on his receipt of the 2011 Fellows Award from the Dallas Bar Foundation.

HR 1245             Johnson

Commending Louis Henry for serving as a Democratic Party precinct chair in Dallas County.

HR 1246             Flynn

Congratulating Thomas and Ruth Taylor of Quinlan on their 60th wedding anniversary.

HR 1247             Flynn

Congratulating Felix and Dorothy Frazier of Greenville on their 70th wedding anniversary.

HR 1248             Flynn

Congratulating Bill and Kay Cleveland of Campbell on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1249             Jackson, Jim

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Farmers Branch Historical Park.

HR 1250             Harper-Brown

Recognizing the Heritage Senior Center Permanent Art Collection in Irving.

HR 1259             Sheets / Branch / Johnson / Flynn

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the creation of White Rock Lake in Dallas.

HR 1262             Gallego

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Bank and Trust.

HR 1263             Gallego

Congratulating Rogelio Hernandez Musquiz of Del Rio on his retirement from the Val Verde County Commissioners Court in 2010.

HR 1265             Gallego

Honoring Second Lieutenant Jacob A. Fernandez for his service with the United States Marine Corps.

HR 1268             Hunter / Scott / Torres / Aliseda / Lozano

Commemorating the exhibition of The Wall That Heals in honor of Vietnam War veterans in Corpus Christi from April 12-14, 2011.

HR 1270             Parker

Honoring all those who took part in the second annual Swing Time fund-raiser at Argyle United Methodist Church benefiting the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

HR 1272             Laubenberg

Congratulating Jim Threadgill on his retirement from the Parker City Council in May 2011.

HR 1273             McClendon

Commemorating the 69th anniversary of Harper's Chapel Baptist Church in San Antonio.

HR 1276             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating members of the Greenbuilders Club at University Middle School in Waco on placing second in the School of the Future Design Competition regional jury event in Houston.

HR 1277             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Ashley Durham of Whitney on being named to the honor roll at Oklahoma State University.

HR 1279             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Honoring the students of Castleman Creek Elementary in Hewitt for raising more than $10,500 for the American Heart Association with their Jump Rope for Heart event.

HR 1282             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Bill and Mary Felkner of Robinson on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1288             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Kaleb Nehring and Keeli Nehring on winning Division Reserve Champion Junior Bull at the 2011 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

HR 1289             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Christina Swanson of the Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau on passing the Certified Meeting Professional exam.

HR 1290             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating the baseball team of Midway High School in Waco on winning the 2011 Frisco Tournament of Champions.

HR 1293             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Robinson FFA members Matt Davis and Colton Moorhouse on winning blue ribbons at the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo's agricultural mechanics contest.

HR 1295             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Kendall Newman of Robinson High School for performing with the 2011 All-State Concert Band.

HR 1298             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Private Landus Hutyra of West on completing U.S. Army military police training.

HR 1299             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Rachel Nicoletti of Lorena on her induction into the National Society of High School Scholars.

HR 1307             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Jon and Ila Jean Carothers of Crawford on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1308             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating the West High School Trojan Band on winning its third consecutive Sweepstakes Award.

********** MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS **********

HCR 116             Davis, John / Nash

In memory of the Reverend Clinton Roderick Dobson of Arlington.

HCR 103             Aliseda

In memory of U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Jose Luis Saenz III of Pleasanton.

HCR 131             Davis, John

In memory of Howard Victor Reed of Austin.

HR 926              Gonzales, Larry

In memory of Mayor David Begier of Hutto.

HR 946              Howard, Charlie

In memory of Nicolis "Nico" Terrel Williams of Sugar Land.

HR 1035             Bonnen

In memory of Dr. Leo Windecker of Cedar Park.

HR 1098             Lavender

In memory of Bob G. Ingram of Texarkana.

HR 1252             Hunter

In memory of U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Jose Luis Maldonado of Mathis.

HR 1255             Bonnen

In memory of George Sam Saphos of Baytown.

HR 1264             Gallego

In memory of Benjamin N. Matta of Pecos.

HR 1267             Alonzo

Paying tribute to the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez on April 16, 2011, the 40th anniversary of her birth.

HR 1274             Perry

In memory of Jake Shea Jenkins of Lubbock.

HR 1275             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Brian Keith Brown of Waco.

HR 1278             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Daryl Lee Farmer of Waco.

HR 1280             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Anna D. Velin of Axtell.

HR 1281             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Andrew "Chito" Garcia of Waco.

HR 1283             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Randall Turnmire of China Spring.

HR 1284             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of James Douglas Ivy of Waco.

HR 1285             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Barrett Neill Minor of Lorena.

HR 1286             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Betty Marie Norsworthy of Waco.

HR 1287             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of William J. Bartosh of West.

HR 1291             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Owen Defoor of Crawford.

HR 1292             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Calistro Ramos of Waco.

HR 1294             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Madge C. Bratton of Hewitt.

HR 1296             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Elizabeth Jones Genovese of Woodway.

HR 1297             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of George Clyde Coppage, Jr., of Hewitt.

HR 1300             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of James Carlton Timmons.

HR 1301             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Bobby Chastain of Woodway.

HR 1302             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Lucy E. Guerra of Waco.

HR 1303             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Judy Marie Hitt of Waco.

HR 1305             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Kenneth Schroeder of Elm Mott.

HR 1306             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Katherine Young Arrington of Waco.