Local Consent And Resolutions Calendar

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
10:00 AM



********** SENATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

SB 40               Zaffirini

SP: Callegari

Relating to the composition and functions of the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation.

SB 49               Zaffirini / et al.

SP: Guillen

Relating to school district requirements regarding parental notification in connection with disciplinary alternative education programs.

SB 197              West

SP: Phillips

Relating to the compulsory inspection of motor vehicles; providing penalties.

SB 244              Patrick

SP: Fletcher

Relating to the continuing education requirements for certain peace officers.

SB 286              Harris

SP: Hartnett

Relating to attorney's fees and other costs in guardianship proceedings.

SB 348              Estes / et al.

SP: Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Relating to the sale or delivery of salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A; providing a penalty.

SB 365              Ogden

SP: Strama

Relating to distributed generation of electric power.

SB 390              Hegar / et al.

SP: Kuempel

Relating to the continuing issuance of freshwater fishing stamps by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

SB 391              Patrick

SP: Eissler

Relating to the provision of electronic samples of a textbook adopted by the State Board of Education.

SB 433              Hegar

SP: Kleinschmidt

Relating to the de-annexation of land in Bastrop County by the Barton Springs-Edwards Aquifer Conservation District.

SB 462              West

SP: Veasey / Gallego

Relating to the expunction of records and files relating to a person's arrest.

SB 475              Patrick

SP: Fletcher

Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 524; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 623              Whitmire

SP: Aliseda / Gallego

Relating to the disqualification of a district or county attorney who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

SB 631              Hinojosa

SP: Munoz, Jr.

Relating to statutory references to the common electronic infrastructure project formerly known as TexasOnline.

SB 801              Hegar

SP: Weber

Relating to the authority of the seawall commission in Matagorda County to build and maintain recreational facilities near the seawall.

SB 841              Patrick / et al.

SP: Miller, Sid / Hernandez Luna / Gallego

Relating to the prosecution of and punishment for the offense of breach of computer security.

SB 844              Patrick

SP: Hunter / Gallego / Christian / Rodriguez, Eddie / Zedler / et al.

Relating to the offense of escape from custody by a person lawfully detained.

SB 847              Patrick

SP: Davis, John

Relating to the authority of certain hospital districts to contract for the performance of administrative functions and services.

SB 937              Lucio

SP: Naishtat

Relating to priorities for restoration of electric service following an extended power outage.

SB 969              Nelson

SP: Kolkhorst

Relating to the establishment of the Public Health Funding and Policy Committee within the Department of State Health Services.

SB 1003             Fraser

SP: Smith, Wayne

Relating to penalties for, and emergency orders suspending, the operation of a rock crusher or certain concrete plants without a current permit under the Texas Clean Air Act.

SB 1042             Hegar

SP: Jackson, Jim

Relating to the eligibility of employees convicted of certain offenses to provide services under a contract with a public school.

SB 1055             Carona / et al.

SP: Madden / White

Relating to reports concerning and the reporting of the use of certain funds by community supervision and corrections departments and to the preparation of commitment reduction plans by those departments.

SB 1058             Nichols

SP: White

Relating to the transfer of certain state property from the Department of Aging and Disability Services to the Angelina and Neches River Authority.

SB 1070             Jackson

SP: Eiland

Relating to the composition of the permanent advisory committee to advise the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding the implementation of the ad valorem tax exemption for pollution control property.

SB 1170             Carona

SP: Hamilton

Relating to the regulation of barbers and cosmetologists.

SB 1200             Patrick

SP: Fletcher / Riddle / Coleman

Relating to the venue for prosecution of misdemeanor cases in justice of the peace courts located in certain counties.

SB 1225             Hegar

SP: Isaac

Relating to the disannexation of land in Caldwell County by the Gonzales County Underground Water Conservation District or the Plum Creek Conservation District.

SB 1244             Carona

SP: Hamilton

Relating to the licensing and regulation of air conditioning and refrigeration contractors and contracting companies; providing penalties.

SB 1290             Hegar

SP: Hunter

Relating to the creation of the Calhoun County Groundwater Conservation District; providing authority to issue bonds.

SB 1302             Deuell

SP: Gutierrez

Relating to the offense of paying or receiving certain forms of compensation for assisting voters who vote early by mail; providing criminal penalties.

SB 1383             Shapiro / Patrick

SP: Eissler

Relating to an appraisal and professional development system for public school principals.

SB 1545             Patrick / et al.

SP: Woolley

Relating to the liability of a volunteer health care practitioner who conducts a physical examination or medical screening of a student athlete.

SB 1546             Patrick

SP: Murphy

Relating to the right to a new hearing before an appraisal review board following a failure to attend a hearing.

SB 1619             Duncan

SP: Aycock

Relating to participation of public high school students in college credit programs.

SB 1620             Duncan / et al.

SP: Aycock

Relating to substitution of certain career and technology courses for certain mathematics and science courses otherwise required under the recommended high school program.

SB 1695             Williams

SP: Gallego / Aliseda / Carter / Davis, Yvonne / Hartnett

Relating to penalties for engaging in organized criminal activity.

SB 1702             Williams

SP: Gallego

Relating to the establishment of a task force to enhance the prosecution and tracking of money laundering in this state.

SB 1788             Patrick

SP: Huberty

Relating to the development of a model individualized education program form by the Texas Education Agency.

SB 1796             Van de Putte / Rodriguez / et al.

SP: Miller, Sid

Relating to the creation of the Texas Coordinating Council for Veterans Services.

SB 1877             Hegar

SP: Isaac

Relating to the creation of the Oatman Hill Municipal Utility District; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 1899             Nichols

SP: Pitts

Relating to compensation for services and reimbursement for expenses of a member of the board of directors of the Lake View Management and Development District.

SB 1913             Watson / et al.

SP: Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds.

SB 1916             Watson / et al.

SP: Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the creation of the Southeast Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 4; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds.

SB 1920             Gallegos

SP: Eiland

Relating to the powers of the Coastal Water Authority; affecting the authority to issue bonds.

SB 1925             Eltife

SP: Cain

Relating to the designation of a portion of U.S. Highway 271 as the Sergeant Jay M. Hoskins Memorial Highway.

SB 1926             Lucio

SP: Lucio III

Relating to the Colonel H. William "Bill" Card, Jr., Outpatient Clinic.

********** HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

HCR 156             Raymond

Directing the Texas Historical Commission to work with the City of Austin to honor the memory of President John F. Kennedy with an official Texas Historical Marker at or near the site of the Austin Municipal Auditorium.

HCR 165             Guillen

Honoring the 2011 and 2012 Texas State Artist appointees.