Daily House Calendar

Wednesday, May 04, 2011




HJR 61              Raymond / Lewis / King, Phil / Deshotel / Woolley

Proposing a constitutional amendment changing the terms of office of a district judge.

HJR 63              Pickett

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to permit a county to issue bonds or notes to finance the development or redevelopment of an unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted area and to pledge for repayment of the bonds or notes increases in ad valorem taxes imposed by the county on property in the area.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 122              Veasey

Relating to proof that is acceptable for identifying individuals acknowledging written instruments.

HB 595              Raymond

Relating to the punishment prescribed for false identification as a peace officer.

HB 654              Solomons

Relating to a report regarding the municipality or county of origin of certain tax revenue collected by the comptroller.

HB 673              Parker

Relating to the production and use of an instructional video on recreational water safety.

HB 922              Riddle / Taylor, Van / Carter / et al.

Relating to the penalty for theft of an automated teller machine or the contents or components of an automated teller machine.

HB 1071             Davis, Sarah

Relating to the extension of deed restrictions in certain residential real estate subdivisions.

HB 1095             Farias

Relating to a requirement of a commitment to serve a certain minimum term before a person may be appointed as a member of a local school health advisory council.

HB 1135             Aycock

Relating to an application to run for political office.

HB 1161             Bonnen

Relating to granting limited state law enforcement authority to certain federal officers and agents.

HB 1226             Dutton

Relating to the eligibility of certain persons who have received deferred adjudication to vote.

HB 1276             Guillen

Relating to state actions necessary to maximize federal funding for certain transportation projects and activities in this state.

HB 1354             Davis, Sarah / et al.

Relating to liability of certain certified municipal inspectors for services rendered during an emergency or disaster.

HB 1456             Orr

Relating to the waiver and release of a mechanic's, contractor's, or materialman's lien or payment bond claim.

HB 1477             Allen / Marquez

Relating to awarding credit to certain inmates for time between release on and revocation of parole, mandatory supervision, or conditional pardon.

HB 1649             Marquez / Munoz, Jr.

Relating to the enforcement of building code standards for new residential construction in the unincorporated area of a county; providing a fee.

HB 1772             Taylor, Larry

Relating to the regulation of certain benefit plans.

HB 1813             Phillips

Relating to the beneficiaries of a trust who are entitled to demand an accounting from the trustee.

HB 1821             Anderson, Rodney

Relating to the delivery of subdivision information by a property owners' association to purchasers.

HB 1840             Phillips / Hunter / Aliseda / Pitts / Laubenberg

Relating to the creation and functions of the Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Board.

HB 1873             Giddings

Relating to business entities and associations.

HB 1983             Kolkhorst

Relating to certain childbirths occurring before the 39th week of gestation.

HB 1985             Turner

Relating to the collection of criminal and civil court costs, fees, and fines by a municipality or county.

HB 2038             Price / Shelton / Mallory Caraway / Schwertner / Guillen / et al.

Relating to prevention, treatment, and oversight of concussions affecting public school students participating in interscholastic athletics.

HB 2042             Menendez

Relating to defense base development authorities, including the powers of an authority and the taxation of certain tangible personal property located on the base property for which the authority is established.

HB 2048             Lyne

Relating to the collection and enforcement of state and local hotel occupancy taxes.

HB 2127             Geren

Relating to the municipal regulation of the discharge of firearms and certain other weapons in certain counties.

HB 2197             Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the purchase of property as part of a homestead land bank program.

HB 2233             Huberty / Rodriguez, Eddie / et al.

Relating to certain contracts entered into by school districts for another entity to provide food services at one or more district schools.

HB 2264             Ritter

Relating to the authority of the Public Utility Commission of Texas to participate in certain proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

HB 2374             Gallego

Relating to the taking of children into custody by certain law enforcement officers.

HB 2477             Harless

Relating to the provision of bilingual election materials.

HB 2636             Kolkhorst

Relating to a commission to study neonatal intensive care units.

HB 2742             Kleinschmidt

Relating to the business of structural pest control.

HB 2976             Hunter / Raymond / Weber / Martinez Fischer

Relating to the recording of proceedings and the issuance of a warrant to take physical custody of a child in certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship; creating an offense.

HB 2993             Miles

Relating to offenses involving violating the civil rights of a person in custody and engaging in improper sexual activity with a person in custody; providing certain enhanced penalties.

HB 3071             Veasey

Relating to contract award considerations by certain conservation and reclamation districts.

HB 3085             Taylor, Larry

Relating to the period of a license for a freestanding medical emergency care facility.

HB 3116             Gonzales, Veronica

Relating to the execution of deeds conveying residential real estate in connection with certain transactions involving residential real estate.

HB 3244             Elkins

Relating to shareholder standing to institute or maintain a derivative proceeding after a merger.

HB 3329             Keffer

Relating to a daily temporary private club permit for a nonprofit corporation.

HB 3375             Murphy / Zedler / et al.

Relating to certain evidence in a prosecution of fraud or theft involving Medicaid or Medicare benefits and to certain criminal procedures involving offenses in general.

HB 3391             Miller, Doug

Relating to rainwater harvesting and other water conservation initiatives.

HB 3473             Gallego

Relating to a defense to prosecution for a child younger than 14 years old for the offense of prostitution.

HB 3689             Oliveira

Relating to The University of Texas at Brownsville, including its partnership agreement with the Texas Southmost College District.

HB 3807             Woolley

Relating to the option of providing electronic recordings of proceedings in the municipal court of record for the City of Houston.

HB 1616             Geren / Flynn / King, Phil

Relating to the reporting of political contributions and expenditures.

HB 1960             Deshotel / Ritter / et al.

Relating to the regulation of boat manufacturers, distributors, and dealers; providing a civil penalty.

HB 777              Gonzalez, Naomi / Button / Madden / Gonzales, Veronica

Relating to court costs imposed on conviction and deposited to the appropriate courthouse security fund or court building security fund.

HB 818              Howard, Donna / Dukes

Relating to use of compensatory education allotment funding to provide assistance with child care to students at risk of dropping out of school.

HB 710              Walle / Menendez / Naishtat

Relating to verification of identity of applicants for benefits under and prevention of duplicate participation in the financial assistance and supplemental nutrition assistance programs.

HB 1610             Gonzales, Larry / Madden

Relating to employment termination procedures applicable to a teacher who is convicted of or receives deferred adjudication for a felony.

HB 3145             Naishtat

Relating to the regulation of chemical dependency counselors.

HB 2100             Lewis

Relating to the exemption from taxation of property of a local government corporation.

HB 2882             Scott

Relating to subrogation of certain costs for services provided or paid by the Nueces County Hospital District; providing penalties.

HB 1834             Shelton

Relating to elimination of certain requirements for increasing community awareness of prekindergarten programs offered by or in partnership with school districts.

HB 2173             Torres / Burkett / et al.

Relating to a pilot program allowing certain military and overseas voters to receive and cast a ballot electronically.

HB 1502             White / et al.

Relating to allowing military voters on active duty overseas to receive and cast a ballot electronically.

HB 2043             Menendez

Relating to the taxation of certain tangible personal property located inside a defense base development authority.