Daily House Calendar

Tuesday, April 05, 2011



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 444              Creighton

Relating to notification of applications for permits for certain injection wells.

HB 571              Huberty / et al.

Relating to the regulation of certain aggregate production operations by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; providing penalties.

HB 610              Zerwas / Murphy / Callegari / et al.

Relating to the method of delivery of certain notices sent by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

HB 645              Orr / et al.

Relating to the information required to be included on a form for an application for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of property owned by a charitable organization.

HB 675              Lucio III / et al.

Relating to football helmet safety requirements in public schools.

HB 690              Martinez Fischer / Hartnett

Relating to the punishment for the offense of graffiti.

HB 755              Cook

Relating to eligibility of certain dependents for coverage under the state employee group benefits program.

HB 849              Miller, Sid

Relating to notice of an application for a permit to dispose of oil and gas waste in a commercial disposal well; creating an offense.

HB 942              Dukes

Relating to an exemption for school districts from security for court costs and appeal bond.

HB 989              Kolkhorst

Relating to the listing of a business location of certain businesses in print advertisements or on Internet websites.

HB 1210             Taylor, Larry

Relating to the rates charged by certain conservation and reclamation districts for potable water or wastewater service to recreational vehicle parks.

HB 1300             Guillen / Frullo

Relating to funding for state sites and programs of the Parks and Wildlife Department through private contributions and partnerships and to commercial advertising on certain state sites.

HB 1405             Smithee / Hardcastle / Eiland / Nash

Relating to provision by a health benefit plan of prescription drug coverage specified by formulary.

HB 1732             Ritter

Relating to the applicability of the constitutional limit on state debt payable from the general revenues of the state to bonds issued by the Texas Water Development Board.

HB 1970             Jackson, Jim

Relating to the periodic review of the child support guidelines.

HB 2124             Workman

Relating to victim notification regarding the release of a defendant who was acquitted by reason of insanity in a criminal case.

HB 2154             Eiland

Relating to certain continuing education requirements for agents who sell Medicare-related products and annuities.


HCR 68              Hunter / Thompson / Martinez Fischer / Cook / Jackson, Jim

Requesting the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house of representatives to create a joint interim committee to study human trafficking in Texas.