Oversight of Criminal Justice
April 22, 2009 - 01:30 PM or upon adjournment
Presentation on Juvenile Probation Reform Programs
Brooks, Joella   Deputy Director  (Southwest Key Program),  Austin, TX
Deitch, Michele   Professor (also providing written testimony)  (Blue Ribbon Task Force on Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Griffiths, Mike   Chief Juvenile Probation Officer  (Self),  Dallas, TX
Gutierrez, Isela  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition),  Austin, TX
Hetzel, Harvey   Executive Director  (Harris County),  Houston, TX
Martin, James   Chief  Juvenile Probation Officer  (Jefferson County Juvenile Probation Department),  Beaumont, TX
Meade, Mike   Chief Juvenile Probation Officer  (The Southeast Juvenile Probation Chiefs Association),  Richmond, TX
Meurer, Jeanne   Senior Judge  (Travis County),  Austin, TX
Perry, John   Chief  (Northeast Texas Chiefs Association),  Sulphur Springs, TX
Presley, Patricia   (Self),  Austin, TX
Smith, Jodie   Public Policy Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texans Care for Children),  Austin, TX
Turner, Randy   Chief Probation Officer (also providing written testimony)  (Tarrant County Juvenile Services),  Fort Worth, TX
Williams, Mark   Chief Juvenile Probation  (Tom Green, Irion, Sterling, Coke, Concho, Schleicher, Runnels Counties),  San Angelo, TX
Hinckson, Andrea   Director of Policy (also providing written testimony)  (Mental Health America of Greater Houston),  Houston, TX
Spriggs, Vicki   Executive Director  (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission),  Austin, TX
Thyssen, Monica   Children's Mental Health Policy Specialist  (Advocacy, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Townsend, Cheryln   Executive Commissioner  (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Carter, William   Training and Certifications  (Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation),  Richmond, TX
Henderson, Matt   (Gregg County Juvenile Probation/ Northeast Texas Region),  Longview, TX
Hollis, David   (Northeast Texas Chiefs),  Sulphur Springs, TX
Brown, Janis   Director, Federal Funds  (Department of Family and Protective Services),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Levin, Marc   (Texas Public Policy Foundation),  Austin, TX