Strike the amendment on page 138 of the CSSB 1 pre-filed 
amendment packet and substitute the following to amend CSSB 1 in 
Article III of the bill for the appropriations to the Texas 
Education Agency by adding the following appropriately numbered 
	____.  Prohibition on Vouchers.  (a)  It is the intent of the 
Legislature that none of the funds appropriated above may be spent 
to pay for a public education voucher program or a public education 
voucher pilot program if the program uses federal funds or state tax 
dollars to pay tuition for children in any grades between grade 1 
through grade 12 to attend a private school.  Appropriated state or 
federal funds may not be used, directly or indirectly, for grants or 
programs for children to attend private schools or private 
educational programs that substitute for a regular education 
program provided by a school district or open-enrollment charter 
	(b)  This section does not prohibit:                                           
		1.  payments for services to a private or nonprofit 
entity so long as students receiving the services remain enrolled 
in public school; or
		2.  payments, including tuition, for students with 
disabilities placed in a private school by a local admission, 
review and dismissal committee to the extent required under federal