S/C on Base Realignment and Closure
September 29, 2008 - 09:00 AM
Interim charges relating to BRAC and implementation of legislation
Chehadi, Chakib  Executive Director  (Workforce Solutions Alamo),  San Antonio, TX
Freeman, L. Russell  Associate  (The DiLuzio Group),  Pagosa Springs, CO
Ham, Howard  Commissioner  (Texas Military Preparedness Commission),  San Antonio, TX
Holman, Randy  Deputy Director  (US Army Corps of Engineers),  San Antonio, TX
Johnson, Marcel  Vice President, Economic Development  (The Creater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce),  San Antonio, TX
Larson, Lyle  County Commissioner  (Bexar County),  San Antonio, TX
Maxwell, Clarence  Deputy Director  (U.S. Air Force),  San Antonio, TX
McNeil, Shiela  City Councilmember  (City of San Antonio),  San Antonio, TX
Murdock, Robert  Director of Office of Military Affairs  (City of San Antonio),  San Antonio, TX
Novak, Michael  Tri-Chairman  (Military Transformation Task Force),  San Antonio, TX
Williams, Terri  Director of Economic Development  (Brooks Development Authority),  San Antonio, TX