Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
April 1, 2008 - 01:30 PM
Interim Charges on veteran reintegration and wounded warriors
Boatman, Joseph  Chair, PTSD  (Vietnam Veterans of America),  Round Rock, TX
Boutte, Jane  Member/Vice President  (Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council/Brain Injury Alliance of Texas),  Grapevine, TX
Cantu, Robert L.  Commander  (American GI Forum of Coryell County),  Gatesville, TX
DeSoto, Frances  Assistant State Director  (Department of Labor Veteran Employment and Training Services),  San Antonio, TX
Erickson, Ronald C.  Veterans Service Officer  (Bexar County Veterans Service Office),  San Antonio, TX
Grantham, E.A. "Buddy"  Director  (City of Houston Office of Veteran Affairs),  Houston, TX
Hardaway, Thomas  Medical Director, Child Division  (Center for Health Care Services),  San Antonio, TX
Jimenez, M.D., Roberto    (Center for Health Care Services),  San Antonio, TX
Kotrla, M.D., Kathryn J.  Associate Dean, Round Rock Medical School  (Texas A&M Health Science College of Medicine),  Georgetown, TX
Lovelace, Joe  Associate Director  (Texas Council of Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers),  Austin, TX
Martinez, Carlos  President  (American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach),  San Antonio, TX
Martinez, PhD, Isaac    (Center for Health Care Services),  San Antonio, TX
Nier, James  Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Oldham, Julie Iris  Founder  (Mama Bexar Rescue Center),  San Antonio, TX
Palladino, LTC Thomas  Director of Strategic Initiatives  (Adjutant General of Texas),  Austin, TX
Palmer, Amy  Executive Vice President  (Operation Homefront),  Schertz, TX
Pelaez, Marta  President/CEO  (Family Violence Prevention Services),  San Antonio, TX
Rankin, Karen S.  Brigadier General, Chair TVC  (Returning Heroes Home),  San Antonio, TX
Romo, Lawrence  Chairman  (Bexar County Veterans Advisory Committee),  San Antonio, TX
Salazar, Placido  State Veterans Affairs Officer  (American GI Forum of Texas),  Universal City, TX
Scheibler, Mark  Director, 2-1-1 Operations  (United Way of San Antonio, Texas Military Family Access Project),  San Antonio, TX
Sisco, Maj Gen. (RET) Leroy  CEO  (Military Warriors Support Foundation),  Boerne, TX
Studivant, Jr., Jerome  Real Lifelines Representative  (Soldier and Family Assistance Center/Brooke Army Medical Center),  San Antonio, TX
Wick, Beth  Manager, 2-1-1 Texas  (Texas Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Wyrick, Col. Brett  Command Surgeon  (Texas Military Forces),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Buerschinger, Charles  Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
House, John  Marketing Manager  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Marshall, LTC Steve  Deputy State Surgeon  (Texas Military Forces),  Ft. Sam Houston, TX
Richman, Jim  Director, Claims Representation  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Waco, TX