October 31, 2006 - 10:00 AM
Article III
Murano, Dr. Elsa  Vice Chancellor for Agriculture and Life Sciences  (Agricultural Experiment Station),  College Station, TX
Patterson, Jerry  Commissioner  (Texas GLO),  Austin, TX
Smith, Edward G.  Director  (Texas Cooperative Extension)
Bennett, Kem  Director  (Texas Engineering Experiment Station)
Brown, Bob  Vice President for Business  (Texas A&M - Commerce),  Commerce, TX
Francis, L. Frederick "Rick"  Chairman of Board of Regents  (Texas Tech University),  Lubbock, TX
Gates, Robert M.  President  (Texas A&M University),  College Station, TX
Gayle, Lelve G.    (Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory),  College Station, TX
Haragan, Dr. Don  Interim Chancellor  (Texas Tech University System),  Lubbock, TX
Hensley, Stephen  President  (Texas A&M University - Texarkana),  Texarkana, TX
Hull, James B.  State Forester and Director  (Texas Forest Service),  College Station, TX
Juarez, Rumaldo  President  (Texas A&M - Kingsville),  Kingsville, TX
Keck, Ray M.  Education  (Texas A&M International University),  Laredo, TX
Killebrew, Flavius  President  (Texas A&M Univ - Corpus Christi)
Loftin, R. Bowen  Vice President and Chief Executive Officer  (Texas A&M University at Galveston),  Galveston, TX
McCabe, Dennis  President  (Tarleton State University)
O'Brien, J. Patrick  President/CEO  (West Texas A&M University)
Richardson, Herbert  Engineering  (Texas Transportation Institute),  College Station, TX
Smith, Robert Land  Director  (Texas Engineering Extension Service),  College Station, TX
White, John D.  Attorney - Chairman of Texas A&M Univ. Board of Regents  (Texas A&M University System),  Houston, TX
Whitmore, Dr. Jon  President  (Texas Tech University),  Lubbock, TX
Wright, George C.  President  (PVAMU)
Registering, but not testifying:
Anderes, Dr. Tom  CFO  (Texas Tech University),  Lubbock, TX
Brunjes, Jim  Vice Chancellor and CFO  (Texas Tech University System),  Lubbock, TX
Calvert, Stanton C.  Education  (TX A&M University System),  Austin, TX
Christiansen, Dennis  Engineering  (Texas Transportation Institute),  College Station, TX
Garcia, Jose  Education  (Texas A&M International University),  Laredo, TX
Hodge, Mary Lee  Vice President for Business Affairs  (Prairie View A&M University),  Prairie View, TX
Hooten, James G.  Executive Vice Chancellor Finance  (Texas A&M University System),  College Station, TX
Lovett, Robert L.  Exec VP Finance and Admin  (Texas A&M - Corpus Christi)
Redman, K. Sue  CFO  (Texas A&M University)
Sayavedra, Leo  Vice Chancellor - TAMUS  (Texas A&M University System),  College Station, TX
Wheeles, Virginia  Provost and VP for Academic Affairs  (Texas A&M Univ - Corpus Christi)