October 3, 2006 - 09:00 AM
Article V
Blalock, Michael G.  Deputy Executive Director  (Adjutant General's Dept and TX Military Facilities Commission),  Austin, TX
Livingston, Brad  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Criminal Justice),  Huntsville, TX
Paret, Sandra M.  Architect  (Texas Military Facilities Commission),  Austin, TX
Rodriguez, Charles  Military  (Adjutant General's Department),  Austin, TX
Article VII
Amaral, Carlos  Board Member  (TDHCA Manufacturing Division),  Austin, TX
Anderson, Elizabeth  Board Chair  (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Atkins, Billy  Director of Charitable Bingo  (Texas Lottery Commission),  Austin, TX
Bass, James  Chief Financial Officer  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Behrens, Michael  Exeuctive Director  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Cardenas, Oralia  Community Development Director  (ORCA),   Austin, TX
Flores, David  Chief Financial Officer  (Office of Rural Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Gerber, Michael  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Hamby, Kevin    (Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Irvine, Tim  Executive Director  (TX Dept of Housing and Community Affairs, Manufactured Housing Division),  Austin, TX
Pyka, Kathy  Controller  (Texas Lottery Commission),   Austin, TX
Rath, Diane  Chair and Commissioner Representing the Public  (Texas Workforce Commission),  Austin, TX
Sadberry, Anthony J.  Executive Director   (Texas Lottery Commission),  Austin, TX
Saenz, Amadeo  Asst. Executive Director for Emerging Operations  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Stone, Charles  Executive Director  (Office of Rural Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Temple, Larry  Executive Director  (Texas Workforce Commission),  Austin, TX
Townsend, Randy  Chief Financial Officer  (Texas Workforce Commission),  Austin, TX
Williamson, Ric F.  Chairman  (Texas Transportation Commission),  Austin, TX