September 26, 2006 - 09:00 AM
Article I
Calem, William  Administrator  (Texas Ethics Commission),  Austin, TX
Reisman, David A.  Executive Director  (Texas Ethics Commission),  Austin, TX
White, Rebeca  Chief Financial Officer  (Office of the Governor),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Chrobak, Michael  Director  (Governor's Office, Eco Devo and Tourism),   Austin, TX
Ellison, Mark M.  Director, Emerging Technology  (Emerging Technology Fund, Office of the Governor),  Austin, TX
Article VIII
Houston, Vincent   Acting Executive Director  (Texas Board of Professional Geoscietists),  Austin, TX
Ware, Gordon  ARCADIS  (Board Chairman Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists),  Corpus Christi, TX
Allen, Ron  Executive Director  (Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners),  Austin, TX
Ashley, Natalia Luna  General Counsel  (Texas Ethics Commission),  Austin, TX
Betts, Albert  Commissioner of Workers Compensation  (Division of Workers Compensation),  Austin, TX
Cole, Keith  CFO  (Tx St Bd of Veterinary Medical Examiners),  Austin, TX
Darwin, Norman  Lawyer  (OIEC),   Austin, TX
Duncan, Linda  Chief Operating Officer  (State Office of Administrative Hearings),  Austin, TX
Geeslin, Mike  Commissioner  (Texas Department of Insurance),  Austin, TX
Horthine, Peter  Director of Enforcement  (State Veterinary Board),  Austin, TX
Hudson, Paul  Chairman  (Public Utility Commission),  Austin, TX
Jackson, Sammy  Deputy Director  (Texas Racing Commission),  Austin, TX
King, Charla Ann  Executive Director  (Texas Racing Commission),  Austin, TX
Lanford, Lane  Executive Director  (Public Utility Commission),  Austin, TX
McClellan, Suzi  Public Counsel  (Office of Public Utility Counsel),  Austin, TX
Parsley, Cathleen  General Counsel  (SOAH),  Austin, TX
Ramirez, Dorian  Attorney  (Office of Injured Employee Counsel),  Austin, TX
Rogers, Dyke  Chair  (Texas Racing Commission),  Amarillo, TX
Taylor, Sheila Bailey  Chief Administrative Law Judge  (State Office of Administrative Hearings),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Canady, Jacqueline  CFO  (Texas Department of Insurance),  Austin, TX
Clark, Yale Lynn  Vice Chairman  (TBPG),  Dallas, TX
Fischer, Ross  Commissioner  (Texas Ethics Commission),  Austin, TX
Franz, Ina A.  Director of Licensing and Exams  (Tx Board of Vet Med Exam),  Austin, TX
Matthews, Lee  General Counsel  (Texas Bd of Veterinary Medical Examiners),  Austin, TX