September 25, 2006 - 10:00 AM
Article I
Barnhill, Jane  Vice Chair  (Texas Historical Commission),  Brenham
Beck, James E.  Employee  (Office of Secretary of State),  Austin, TX
Bow, Jonathan D.  State Risk Manager  (SORM),  Austin, TX
Brieden, III, John A.  Insuranc Agent  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Brenham, TX
Cargile, Stuart B.  Fund Accounting Director  (State Office of Risk Management),  Austin, TX
Colley, Terry  Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Historical Commission),  Austin, TX
Duncan, James S.  Retired  (TX Bldg and Procurement Commission),  Houston, TX
Edwards, Kimberley  Executive Director  (Texas Public Finance Authority),  Austin, TX
Fuelberg, Ann  Executive Director  (ERS),  Austin, TX
Johnson, Edward  Executive Director  (TX Building and Procurement Commission),  Austin, TX
Jones, J.R. Bob  Consulting Civil Engineer  (TBPC),  Houston, TX
Kline, Robert C.  ED  (Bond Review Board),  Austin, TX
Lawrence, Oaks F.  Executive Director  (Texas Historical Commission),  Austin, TX
Martinez, Jodee  Accountant  (Texas Bond Review Board),   Austin, TX
McGeehan, Ann  Attorney  (Secretary of State),  Austin, TX
Nier, James E.  Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Pejovich, Brenda  Self Employed  (Texas Building and Procurement Commission),  Dallas, TX
Polan, Gaye  Executive Director   (State Preservation Board),  Austin, TX
Vollbrecht, Stephen  General Counsel  (SORM),  Austin, TX
Wassdorf, Lorna  Director, Business and Public Filings  (Office of the Secretary of State),  Austin, TX
Williams, Roger  Secretary of State  (Office of Secretary of State),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Paupounas, Debbie  CFO  (State Preservation Board),  Austin, TX
Buerschinger, Charles  Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),   Austin, TX
Gaby, Linda  Director of Administration  (State Preservation Board),  Austin, TX
Latsha, Rob  Sr. Financial Analyst  (PAB Administrator),   Austin, TX
Montemayor, Piper  Financial Analyst  (Bond Review Board),  Austin, TX
Richman, Jim  Director Claims Representation and Counseling  (TVC),   Waco, TX
Smith, Patricia A.  Director of Finance  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Whitworth, Owen  State Employee  (ERS Board of Trustees),  Austin, TX
Wilson, Bill  Director, Veterans Employment Services  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Article III
Hollingsworth, Jarvis V.  Chairman  (Teachers Retirement System),  Houston, TX
Jung, Ronnie  Executive Director  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Schiess, Jennifer  LBB Staff  (LBB),  Austin, TX
Wielmaker, John  LBB Staff  (LBB),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Rogers, Tom  Retired Teachers Volunteers  (Texas Retired Teachers Association),  Austin, TX
Galaviz, Tony C.  Chief Financial Officer  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Article IV

Cayce, Chief Justice John    (2nd Court of Appeals),  Fort Worth, TX
Chew, David Wellington  Justice  (Eighth Court of Appeals),   El Paso, TX
Hedges, Adele  Chief Justice  (Council of Chief Justices; 14th Court of Appeals),  Houston, TX
Lopez, Alma L.  Chief Justice  (Fourth Court of Appeals),  San Antonio, TX
Morriss, III, Josh R.  Judge  (6th Court of Appeals),  Texarkana, TX
Thomas, Linda  Chief Justice  (Fifth District Court of Appeals),  Dallas, TX
Valdez, Chief Justice Rogelio    (13th Court of Appeals),  Edinburg, TX
Worthen, Jim  Chief Justice  (12th District Court of Appeals),  Tyler, TX
Gray, Thomas W.  Chief Justice  (Tenth Court of Appeals),  Waco, TX
McKeithen, Steve  Chief Justice  (Ninth Court of Appeals),  Beaumont, TX
Quinn, Brian  Chief Justice  (7th Court of Appeals),  Amarillo, TX
Radack, Sherry  Chief Justice  (First Court of Appeals),  Houston, TX
Wright, Chief Justice Jim R.    (11th Court of Appelas),  Eastland, TX