S/C on Higher Education Committee
August 24, 2006 - 1:30P

Interim Charge #5
      ON:         Embry Jenlink, Ed.D., Karen Education, School Dean &
                         Professor (St. Edward's University)
                  Glynn, Raymond F. Deputy Associate Commissioner
                         (TEA, Educator Certification & Standards),
                         Austin, TX
                  Hargrove, Dr. Kathy Professor, Administrator (SMU)
                  Hayes, Patricia V. Associate Commissioner, Educator
                         Quality & P16 Initiatives (Texas Education
                         Agency), Austin, TX
                  Hudson, Michael (National Center for Educational
                         Accountability), Austin, TX
                  Loonam, Karen Director (TEA), Austin, TX
                  Paredes, Dr. Raymund Commissioner of Higher
                         Education (Texas Higher Education
                         Coordinating Board), Austin, TX
                  Rankin, Mary Ann Dean, College of Natural Sciences
                         (UTeach Program, Natural Sciences, UT
                         Austin), Austin, TX
                  Reaves, William Educator, Executive Director
                         (CREATE), The Woodlands, TX
                  Wimpelberg, Robert Dean, College of Education
                         (University of Houston), Houston, TX