NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  1:30PM Or upon adjournment
             Wednesday, April 13, 2005

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Jeff Wentworth

To consider the following:

SB 830            Wentworth
Relating to the declaration of a mistrial in the punishment phase
of a criminal proceeding.

SB 1071            West, Royce
Relating to a person's eligibility for an order of nondisclosure
with respect to certain criminal history records and to certain law
enforcement duties that result from the issuance of an order.

SB 1147            Harris
Relating to the appointment of visiting associate judges.

SB 1151            Harris
Relating to the use of a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity
under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

SB 1152            Harris
Relating to the perfection of a child support lien on a motor

SB 1153            Harris
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship,
including proceedings for the establishment, modification, and
enforcement of child support; providing an administrative penalty.

SB 1178            West, Royce
Relating to the availability of genetic testing in the
determination of parentage by the Title IV-D agency.

SB 1190            Wentworth
Relating to certain procedures governing health care liability

SB 1216            Hinojosa
Relating to a statutory probate court judge's authority to transfer
certain proceedings from another court to the statutory probate

SB 1424            Gallegos
Relating to filing fees in a civil matter in a justice court or
small claims court.

SB 1425            Gallegos
Relating to the filing of an affidavit of inability to pay in
appealing a small claims court judgement.

SB 1426            Gallegos
Relating to fees charged to persons applying for the expunction of
certain offenses committed by minors.

SCR 14            Wentworth / et al.
Granting certain persons permission to sue the State of Texas, The
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and the Anatomical
Board of the State of Texas.

Pending business:

SB 349            Wentworth
Relating to the jurisdiction of a court with respect to an action
involving a testamentary trust.

SB 534            Lindsay / et al.
Relating to the authority of county attorneys in certain counties
to enforce certain provisions relating to real property.

SB 1189            Wentworth
Relating to the creation, composition, jurisdiction, and terms of
court of judicial districts, to the election of a local
administrative district judge for certain counties, to the juvenile
board in certain counties, and to the district courts in certain