NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  1:30PM Or upon adjournment
             Wednesday, March 23, 2005

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Jeff Wentworth

To consider the following:

SB 149            Wentworth
Relating to recording of aircraft repair and maintenance liens.

SB 291            West, Royce
Relating to the index of court fees and costs.

SB 534            Lindsay / et al.
Relating to the authority of county attorneys in certain counties
to enforce certain provisions relating to real property.

SB 672            Seliger
Relating to the Randall County Juvenile Board.

SCR 7            Duncan
Urging the Supreme Court of Texas and the Court of Criminal Appeals
of Texas to adopt rules providing for the random assignment to courts
of appeals of cases pending or on appeal from counties with
overlapping appellate jurisdictions and adopt rules determining the
court of appeals precedent applicable in such randomly assigned cases.

Pending business:

SB 145            Wentworth
Relating to liquidated damages for violating certain requirements
relating to executory contracts for the conveyance of certain real

SB 165            Wentworth
Relating to the regulation of private process servers; providing

SB 349            Wentworth
Relating to the jurisdiction of a court with respect to an action
involving a testamentary trust.

SB 671            Seliger
Relating to the creation of an additional county court at law in
Randall County.

SB 673            Seliger
Relating to the jurisdiction of the County Court at Law of Randall



SB 671
SB 673