NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  8:30AM, Thursday, May 15, 2003

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Bill Ratliff


The State Affairs Committee will meet at 8:30 a.m., or upon adjournment of
the Local and Uncontested Calendar to consider the following bills:

SB 625            Shapleigh
Relating to the amount of deposits that a financial institution may

SB 626            Shapleigh
Relating to requirements for considering a financial institution
for selection as a depository of public funds.

SB 627            Shapleigh
Relating to financial literacy programs for consumers.

SB 654            Shapleigh
Relating to access to capital and other funds by individuals and
new businesses in this state.

SB 796            Shapleigh
Relating to the disclosure of a customer's personal information by
a financial institution.

SB 1112            Shapleigh
Relating to regulation of certain lending and finance practices.

HB 54            Wolens / et al.          SP: Shapiro
Relating to certain early voting by mail procedures and to the
prevention of voting fraud generally; providing criminal penalties.

HB 146            Solomons                 SP: Estes
Relating to jury duty on general election day.

HB 408            Miller                   SP: Fraser
Relating to the liability of landowners for certain uses of their

HB 500            Goolsby                  SP: Carona
Relating to the confidentiality of certain information contained in
applications for ad valorem tax exemptions; providing criminal

HB 725            Haggerty                 SP: Whitmire
Relating to the participation of community supervision and
corrections department employees, retired employees, and dependents
of employees and retired employees in the group benefits program
for state employees.

HB 897            Woolley                  SP: Nelson
Relating to the operation of certain employer coalitions and
cooperatives established for the provision of health benefits

HB 948            Crownover                SP: Fraser
Relating to a veterinarian member of the Texas Racing Commission.

HB 1446            Brown, Betty             SP: Averitt
Relating to the eligibility of certain children for certain health
benefit coverage.

HB 1865            Bonnen                   SP: Williams
Relating to commercial group property and casualty insurance for
certain businesses and associations.

HB 1975            Deshotel                 SP: Ellis, Rodney
Relating to providing a physical address for a ballot to be
delivered to the early voting clerk.

HB 2094            Harper-Brown             SP: Harris
Relating to the definition of providing assistance to a voter.

Pending Business:

SB 839            Duncan
Relating to gas transportation service for a state agency.

SB 1576            Carona
Relating to a health care delivery network pilot project in the
workers' compensation system.