Criminal Justice Committee
May 14, 2002 -10:00A

Interim Charge 4
       ON:        Gilbert, John Director (TDCJ), Huntsville, TX
                  McKnight, Debra (Self)
                  Shanblum, Laurie Sr. Director (Corrections
                         Corporation of America), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Reed Central Region Operations Director
                         (Wackenhut Corrections Corporation), Austin,
                  White, Bonita Director (TDCJ - CJAD), Austin, TX

Interim Charge 5
       ON:        Bane, Janis Director Special Programs (Harris County
                         CSCD), Houston, TX
                  Brockman, Cynthia (Self), Grand Prairie, TX
                  Fabelo, Dr. Tony Executive Director (Criminal
                         Justice Policy Council), Austin, TX
                  Hightower, Allen Executive Director (Correctional
                         Managed Health Care), Huntsville, TX
                  Hill, Ray (Self), Houston, TX
                  Kifowit, Dee Executive Director (TX Council on
                         Offenders with Mental Impairments), Austin,
                  Lovelace, Joe Consultant (National Alliance for the
                         Mentally Ill of Texas), Dripping Springs, TX
                  Ortega-Trees, Grace Program Administrator (Coastal
                         Plains MHMR), Portland, TX
                  Perry, Ethel Mental Health Administrator (MHMR of
                         Harris County, New Start), Houston, TX
                  Raimer, Dr. Ben Chairman (Correctional Managed
                         Health Care Committee), Galveston, TX
                  Reyes, Dr. Linda Asst. Dep. Exec.Dir.,
                         Rehabilitation (TX Youth Commission), Austin,
                  Robinson, Steve Executive Director (TX Youth
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Roper, Helga (Self), Austin, TX
                  Savoy, Terry (Self), Groves, TX
                  Spriggs, Vicky Executive Director (Juvenile
                         Probation Commission), Austin, TX
                  Torres, Orlando Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
                         (36th Judicial District), Sinton, TX
                  White, Bonita Director (TDCJ - CJAD), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Aleshire, Mary Roe (Self), Austin, TX
                  Dill, Helga (Self)
                  Jackson, Larry (Self)
                  Oeller, Carol Director (Health Care Office of Court
                         Services), Houston, TX