Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Tax System)
February 26, 2002 - 1:30P

       ON:        Lipstet, Ira Attorney/CPA (Texas Society of CPAs),
                         Austin, TX

       ON:        Foxhall, Nene VP State/Civic Affairs (Continental
                         Airlines Inc.), Houston, TX
                  Hagan, Dan Airline Executive (American Airlines),
                         Fort Worth, TX
                  Ricks, Ron Lawyer (Southwest Arilines), Dallas, TX

       ON:        Cardwell, Greg Propety Tax (E.I. Dupont), Houston,
                  Dipprey, Ron Gov't. Affairs Director (Dow Chemical
                         Co.), Austin, TX
                  Woodrick, James Trade Association (Texas Chemical
                         Council), Austin, TX

Health Care Industry
       ON:        Carter, M.D., Patrick Family Practice Physician
                         (Texas Medical Association), Houston, TX
                  Hogue, M.D., Robert Physician (TMA, TAFP),
                         Brownwood, TX
                  Somerville, M.D., Judson Physician (Border
                         Physicians for TMA), Laredo, TX

       ON:        Davis, Will Attorney (Texas Association of Life &
                         Health Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Hurd, John R. Independent Producer (Texas
                         Independent Producers & Royalty Owners
                         Association), San Antonio, TX
                  Roan, Forrest Attorney (American Insurance
                         Association), Austin, TX

Legal Profession
       ON:        Ohlenforst, Cindy Lawyer (Tax Attorney), Dallas, TX

Oil & Gas
       ON:        Segner III, Edmund President/Chief of Staff-EOG
                         Resources (EOG Resources, Inc), Houston, TX

Public Testimony
       ON:        Barrera, Patricia A. Webb Co. Tax Assessor-Collector
                         (Webb County), Laredo, TX
                  Hankins, Barbara Retired-Volunteer (League of Women
                         Voters of Texas), Austin, TX
                  Kawalski, Tom President (Texas Healthcare &
                         Bioscience Institute), Austin, TX
                  Lavine, Dick Fiscal Analyst (Center for Public
                         Policy Priorities), Austin, TX
                  Reed, Cyrus Project Director (Texas Center for
                         Policy Studies), Austin, TX

Senate Finance Subcommittee on Tax
       ON:        Le Bas, James Chief Revenue Estimator (Comptroller
                         of Public Accounts), Austin, TX

       ON:        Motalo, Pat Executive/Software Company (AEA/High
                         Tech Industry), Austin, TX
                  Wurzel, Geoff Gov't. Affairs Manager (National
                         Semiconductor/AEA), Austin, TX

       ON:        Gonzales, Cindy Tax Counsel (Verizon), Irving, TX
                  McKenzie, Shawn SBC-Southwestern Bell
                         (SBC-Southwestern Bell), Austin, TX
                  Stevens, Paul Managing Director-State & Local Taxes
                         (SBC Communications), San Antonio, TX

Texas Strategic Economic Developmen
       ON:        Stephens, F. L. (Steve) Retired (Texas Strategic
                         Economic Planning Commission)

Texas Taxpayer's & Research Associa
       ON:        Allaway, Bill Economist (Texas Taxpayers & Research
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Craymer, Dale Economist/Lobbyist (Texas Taxpayers &
                         Research Association), Austin, TX

       ON:        Craven, Eric V-P/ Gov't. Relations, TX Electric
                         (Texas Electric Cooperatives), Austin, TX
                  Moseley, Marc Vice President Regulatory Affairs
                         (AECT Tax Committee - Utilities), Dallas, TX
                  Smith, Jr., Charles A. Managing Director, Taxes
                         (Reliant Energy), Houston, TX