SENATE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE 
                              Monday, February 12, 2001 
                                      8:00 a.m. 
                            Capitol Extension, Room E1.036 
      Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.18, a  
      public hearing of the Senate Committee on Finance was held on Monday,  
      February 12, 2001, in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.036, at Austin,  
      MEMBERS PRESENT:                           MEMBERS ABSENT: 
      Senator Rodney Ellis                       None 
      Senator Chris Harris 
      Senator Gonzalo Barrientos 
      Senator Robert Duncan 
      Senator Troy Fraser 
      Senator Tom Haywood 
      Senator Mike Jackson 
      Senator Jon Lindsay 
      Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. 
      Senator Steve Ogden 
      Senator Carlos Truan 
      Senator John Whitmire 
      Senator Judith Zaffirini 
      The chair called the meeting to order at 8:02 a.m.  There being a quorum  
      present, the following business was transacted:   
      The Chair called the following witnesses to testify on the Legislative  
      Budget Board (LBB) recommendations: 
           Texas Cancer Council 
           Regina Martin, LBB Analyst 
           Mickey  L. Jacobs, Executive Director 
                Gave an overview of the Council.  Spoke to proposed funding. 
           James D. Dannebaum, Chairman of the Board 
           Introduced Board members in attendance and  Dr. Levine from MDA.   
              Spoke to the exceptional item request to fund a colon cancer  
              initiative to expand education and  prevention efforts targeting  
              at-risk Texans.  He supports the request for a salary increase  
              for the Executive Director. 
           Kelly Headrick, Vice President, American Cancer Society 
                Spoke in favor of the requested budget. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Karen Bonner, Fund Raiser, Texas Cancer Council  
                Carolyn Harvey, RN, Ph.D., U.T. Health Center, NBLIC Program 
                Rubye Henderson, School Counselor, Texas Cancer Council 
                Larry Herrera, M.D., Texas Cancer Council 
                Bernard Levin, M.D., University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer  
                Donald C. Spencer, M.D., Texas Cancer Council 
           Council on Early Childhood Intervention 
           Regina Martin, LBB Analyst 
           Demus Vasquez, Board Member 
              Spoke about the help the Council provided  his son.  Gave  
              overview of what services the Council  provides.   
           Mary Elder, Executive Director 
              Answered questions and talked about services provided by the  
              Council.  Highlighted  key points in requested budget.  
           Susan Mengden-Ellis, Board Member 
              Spoke to the many services that her family used when at 37 she  
              gave birth to a Down Syndrome child.  Spoke to the need for  
              increased salaries to help with employee turnover and the  
              increase in the salary for Executive Director. 
           Kay Lambert, Policy Specialist, Advocacy 
                Supports funding for the Council. 
           Cyndie Schmitt, Texas Council of Community MHMR Center, Inc. 
                Spoke to the importance of what the council does.  Supports  
           Mike Bright, Executive Director, ARC of Texas 
              Spoke to the excellence of the Council.  It is exactly what a  
              state agency ought to be.  Supports funding. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Colleen Horton, Texas Advocates Supporting Kids with  
           Texas Department on Aging 
           Michael Leo, LBB Analyst 
           Mary Sapp, Executive Director 
              Spoke to the mission and purpose of the Texas Department on  
              Aging and the three major strategies in proposed budget.   
              Answered questions. 
            Jan Patterson, Board Member 
              Gave an overview of the importance of each of the programs that  
              serves the elderly population in Texas. 
           Carlos Higgins, Silver Haired Legislature 
                Supports continued funding.   
           Bruce Bower, Attorney, Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition 
              Supports continued funding.  Thanked Senator Zaffirini for her  
              support in strengthening the department and Senator Barrientos  
              for his continued support.  Talked about many of the programs. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Bill Cummings, Texas Silver Haired Legislature 
                John W. Holtermann, Texas Silver Haired Legislature 
           Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation 
           Melitta Bustamante, LBB Budget Analyst 
           Nancy Millard, LBB Performance Analyst 
           John Nelson, SAO, Project Manager 
           Nicole Meredith-Marres, SAO 
           Karen F. Hale, Commissioner 
              Answered many questions asked by committee.  Gave presentation;  
              highlighting Community Center Creation, New Methodology for  
              Allocating Hospital Beds among Mental Health Authorities,  
              Capital Construction, New Generation Medications, and Home and  
              Community-Based Services.  Spoke to the revised and repriortized  
              exceptional items in requested budget.    
           Andrew P. Hardin, Board Chairman 
              Spoke to the services provided by department and the number of  
              people they served in the past year.  Gave many statistics that  
              highlighted the need for additional funding. Spoke to the  
              difficulty in trying to come up with a budget that would provide  
              equal funding to the entire state in a time when extra revenue  
              is not available.   Spoke to exceptional items in proposed  
              budget.  He is also the father of a 15 year old down syndrome  
      At 12:45 p.m. Senator Ellis moved that the committee stand recessed  
      until 30 minutes after adjournment of the Senate; without objection, it  
      was so ordered.   
      At 2:18 p.m. the committee reconvened.  Senator Zaffirini assumed chair. 
      Testimony continued with the following testimony: 
           Karen F. Hale, Commissioner 
                Commissioner Hale continued with her presentation. Answered  
      many questions. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Judy Allen, The ARC of Texas 
                Lee Bowers, Owner - ICF Facilities 
                John R. Bush, Executive Director, Texas Society of Psychiatric  
                William Campbell, Deputy Commissioner 
                Danette Castle, Lubbock Regional MHMR    
                John Conroy, MHMR Services & Community Choice 
                Tom Conroy, Austin Health Resources & Community Choice 
                Steve Day, Director, Community Relations - CRI 
                Mark J. Hanna, Texas Nurses Association 
                Jim Hazen, President, St. Giles Living Center 
                Genevieve Hearon, Capacity for Justice 
                Peter Henning, Regional Administrator, Bethesda Lutheran Homes   
      Services, Inc. 
                Lucy Jaloway, Camino Real - CPAC 
                Joe Lovelace, National Alliance for Mentally Ill of Texas 
                Kim McPherson, Texas Mental Health Association of Texas 
                Debra Middlebrook, Director, Champagne, Inc. 
                Pascual Piedfort, Volunteer advocate for people with mental  
                Laura Redman, Community Access 
                Thomas A. Turnage, Ph.D., Dallas Area NorthStar Authority 
                Ronald & Sheila Vieraitis, Community Resources & Information  
      for Special People (CRISP) 
                Renee Wallace, Founder & Executive Director, Vita Living, Inc. 
      Senator Ellis assumed chair. 
           The chair recognized the  following witnesses to give PUBLIC  
         Kristine Bissmeyer, parent of a down syndrome son.  Registered her  
         31/2 year old son in December 2000 and was told it would be a seven  
         year wait to receive any services. 
           DeShaua Bradley, single parent with a 14 year old son with Autism.  
         Judy DaPra, daughter has down syndrome.  Her daughter has been on a  
         waiting list for over 4 years.  Spoke to more funding for HCS. 
           Charles R. Ferguson, has a daughter in a state school.  Supports  
      all forms of services for MHMR. 
         Melissa Fox, her son Matthew has down syndrome and has been on the  
         waiting list since 1994 and has only moved up about 10 spaces.   
         Supports funding for pay raise for attendants and ECI.. 
      Senator Zaffirini assumed chair.    
         Richard Garnett, Ph.D., his son Brian is 18 years old and has autism.   
         After seven years on waiting list he has finally come to the head of  
         the line.  
           Jean Geresi, her son Michael is 6 years old and has down syndrome.   
      Supports funding for ECI. 
           Don Lane, has a 19 year old son who is severally retarded.   
      Supports funding for HCS programs.  
         Patsy Pekar, daughter is severally handicapped and been on waiting  
         list for about 4 years.  Supports all MHMR funding. 
         Carolyn Quattlebaum, has a 37 year old down syndrome son.  Supports  
      pay raises for direct care givers. 
         Jacquelie Robert, her child was only on the waiting list for two  
         years.  Supports all MHMR funding. 
         Harold & Joann Schultz, has a 40 year mentally and physically  
         challenged daughter in a state facility.  Supports increased funding  
         for MHMR. 
         Ruth Snyder, her daughter lives in the Austin State School.  Supports  
      funding for state schools. 
         Don A. Streetman, has two sons that are mentally retarded.  Supports  
         increased funding for HCS and doesn't want to go to the MRLA program. 
         Linda Toungate, 21 year old son is mentally retarded and diagnosed as  
         PED.  Supports transition funding. 
         Anna Young, representing her brother Joey.  Supports increased  
         Maurice G. Dutton, support funding for NAMI.. 
         Cliff Gay, supports funding for NAMI & NorthStar programs. 
         Diana Kern, supports funding for NAMI and new generation medications. 
         Carol R. Schaper, has a 42 year old mentally retarded son, supports  
         funding for the  NAMI and NorthStar programs. 
         Shirley Beaudoin, has a 31 year old son living in a residential home.   
         Supports all MHMR funding. 
         Rod Carlson, is a case manager and does not support the MRLA funding. 
         Kirk Coats, his brother lived in a state school for many years and  
         now lives in a group home.  Supports increased funding for community  
         care givers. 
         Joe Lovelace, NAMI Texas (National Alliance of Mental Illness)    
         Cyndie Schmitt, Texas Council with MHMR Centers 
         Kim McPherson, Texas Mental Health Association  
         Lynn Cleveland, ARC of Texas 
         Levalgin Gildon, Jr., Midland Assistance for Retarded Citizens 
         Linda Harness, parent of a 28 year old daughter with Tourette  
         Syndrome.  Supports HCS funding not  MRLA program. 
         Mike Halligan, Executive Director, Consumer Advocacy Agency 
         Pamela Edwards Kelly, works for a private provider. Supports line  
      items #4 in MHMR budget. 
         Captain Gregory W. Leveling,  supports exceptional items #8 & 13 in  
      proposed budget for MHMR. 
         Susan Murphee, Advocacy Inc. 
         J. Randy Routon, Ph.D.,CEO, LifePath System 
         Dona Watson, Board Member,  has a son with Schizophrenia 
         Judy Kantorezyk, Executive Director, ARC of Texas 
         Sandra C. Grace-Tomlinson, stop MRLA funding. 
         Norine Jaloway Gill, fund people not programs 
         Johnny Plesentilli, fund HCS pay raises. 
         Robert K. Rose, Executive Director, ARC of Midland 
         Berta Willis, pay increase for direct care givers. 
         Joseph Dempsey, supports HCS funding. 
         Andrea Fagarason, Social Worker, Private provider, increased funding  
      for ICS & HCS 
         Michael Forsythe, increased reimbursement rate for ICS & HCS 
         Charles Gouge, supports exceptional items # 4 & 6 in Texas MHMR  
      proposed budget. 
         Ken Gray, Ph.D., supports exceptional item #4 in  
         Kathy Griffith, supports exceptional item #4 in proposed budget of  
      Texas MHMR. 
         Jan Hannah, Community Living Concepts 
         John L. Hendry, supports exceptional item #4 in proposed budget of  
      Texas MHMR 
         Dennis Henegar, supports exceptional item #4 in proposed budget of  
      Texas MHMR 
         Joyce Hellum, RN VP of operation 
         Genelle Edwards, spoke to challenges that workers and programs face  
         Carole Matyas, Executive Director for North Star Program 
         Sara Rideout, supports exceptional item #4 in proposed budget of  
      Texas MHMR 
         Connie Rogers, ICFMR worker, supports exceptional item #4 
         Kaye Simms, supports exceptional item #4 
         Kathi Schmidt, spoke to several request for more funding 
         David Southern, spoke to the overwhelming duties inflicted on small  
      staff, Southern Concepts Inc. 
         Dr. Judy Graham, MHMR of Greater Dallas, spoke to increased funding 
      Senator Ellis assumed chair. 
         Jamie Travis, spoke of her daughter Christie and the importance of  
      HCS slots 
         Keri Williams, Director of Community Living, UCP Dallas 
         Betsy Schwartz, Mental Health Assn. of Greater Houston 
         Bobbie L. Pratt, spoke of her daughter Leeza.   
         Patti Derr, spoke of  her daughter Robin. 
         Jim Nickerson, Lakes Regional MHMR 
      There being no further business, at 7:00 p.m. Senator Ellis moved that  
      the Committee stand recessed subject to the call of the chair.  Without  
      objection, it was so ordered.   
      Senator Rodney Ellis, Chair 
      Myra  J. Schmitt, Clerk