Border Affairs - Special Committee
March 18, 1999-8:30A  

SB 720
   FOR:     Salinas, Arturo G. (self), San Antonio

            Young, Raymond (self), Pleasanton

SB 1421
   FOR:     Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties), Austin

   ON:      Alcorta, Victor (Office of the Secretary of State), Austin

            Preister, David (Texas Attorney General's Office), Austin

            Steinborg, Jonathan (Texas Water Development Board), Austin

Issues Relating to Border Affairs
   On:      Eggers, Bill (Comptroller of Public Accounts), Austin

            Koebek, Steve (Comptroller of Public Accounts), Austin

            Laney, David (Texas Department of Transportation), Austin

            Nordeman, Kenneth (Comptroller of Public Accounts), Austin