Nominations Committee
April 7, 1999-1:00P  

Brd of Trustees/Teacher Retire Sys
   For:     Fulmer, Barham II (self), Lindale

            Jackson, Brenda (self), Dallas

            Moreno, Cecilia (self), Laredo

Ofc of Public Insurance Counsel
   For:     Bordelon, Roderick Jr. (self), Austin

Ofc of Public Utility Counsel
   For:     McClellan, Suzi Ray (self), Austin

Texas Cmsn on the Arts
   For:     Chauveaux, Tony L. (self), Beaumont

Texas State Univ Sys Brd of Regents
   For:     Dennis, Patricia Diaz (self), San Antonio

            Flores, Dionicio (self), El Paso

            Hayley, James A. (self), Texas City

TX Brd of Criminal Justice
   For:     Bacon, Mary (The Hon.) (self), Houston

            Jones, Don B. (self), Midland

            Moody, William H. (self), Washington

TX Workers' Compensation Cmsn
   For:     Lowrey, James Michael (self), Lake Jackson

            Moore, Kenneth L. (self), Houston

            Watson, Lonnie (self), Cleburne