Nominations Committee
February 24, 1999-1:00P  

Commissioner, TX Health Human Serv
   For:     Gilbert, Don Allen (self), Austin

Justice, Supreme Court of Texas
   For:     Gonzales, Alberto R. (self), Austin

Lease Board-Tx Parks and Wildlife
   For:     Gammon, William III (self), Austin

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
   For:     Henry, Alvin L. (self), Houston

            Idsal, Katharine Armstr (self (Katharine Armstrong Idsal)),

            Watson, Mark E., Jr. (self), San Antonio

TX Workforce Commission
   For:     Lehman, Ron (self), Round Rock

            O'Mahoney, Terrence P. (self), Dallas

Univ of TX System Board of Regents
   For:     Hunt, Woody L. (self), El Paso

            Miller, Charles (self), Houston

            Romero, Raul R. (self), Houston

   Against: Enuha, Felicia (Anti-Racist Organizing Committee), Austin