NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE: 11:00AM or 30 mins. after adjourn.
             Wednesday, May 5, 1999

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Teel Bivins


A public hearing to consider the following:

SB 831            Bernsen
Relating to parental notification of the employment of an
inappropriately certified or uncertified teacher.

SB 1325            Gallegos
Relating to school district contracts and bonds.

SB 1897            Bivins
Relating to the issuance of bonds by certain private schools under
the Higher Education Authority Act.

HB 585            West, George "Buddy"     SP: Lucio
Relating to the funding of public libraries.

HB 746            Gallego                  SP: West, Royce
Relating to a report on certain higher education employees serving
as expert witnesses in suits against the state.

HB 889            Lewis, Glenn             SP: Ogden
Relating to establishing an institute for the preservation of
history and culture at Prairie View A&M University.

HB 1346            Salinas                  SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the adoption of a junior college branch campus
maintenance tax by certain counties.

HB 1869            Pitts                    SP: Nelson
Relating to the annexation of territory to a public junior college

HB 2555            Cuellar                  SP: Zaffirini
Relating to prepaid tuition for graduate and professional degree
programs at public institutions of higher education.

HB 2568            Cuellar                  SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation and its

HB 2867            Dunnam                   SP: West, Royce
Relating to a program that allows institutions of higher education
in Texas to match a scholarship offered to Texas students by
out-of-state institutions.